And We’re Off…

Right, the boxes are all packed, the cleaning process has begun, and tomorrow we start the journey north.

There will now be a short hiatus as not only will we not have broadband for a while, but BT have just rung to inform me we won’t have a telephone line until Friday and oh, that will be 130 quid…

12 Responses to And We’re Off…

  1. Ariel says:

    How northern North? Past Watford? As for BT, another typical example of rip off Britain. I cannot afford to breathe in this country, so I am upping sticks too, far away… but where there is broadband still.

  2. Dom says:

    BT forces me to do my Golem impression: We hates them.

  3. Flighty says:

    Have a good journey,I hope that all goes well. Typical BT! xx

  4. Bill says:

    Take care and be there for each other. Looking forward to the eventual report.

  5. Ross Angus says:

    Well, what I want to know is will you have enough miles of shelving so you can stop double-stacking your books. For shame.

  6. midwifemuse says:

    Hope that all goes well and the keys are under that stone and….good luck and happiness in your new home.

  7. Babymother says:

    Are you there yet?

  8. Good luck with the move and I hope all goes well.

    I look forward to following the new adventures from here on in.

  9. Tube Dude says:

    Hey good luck in the lan d of haggis and mozzies.

  10. LCS says:


    good luck

  11. disgruntled says:

    Thanks all – too many of you to reply individually. Yes, I’ve moved, but without any internet access at home, blogging may be intermittent for a while

  12. […] today’s the big day – yep, three years since we moved up here, and it was nice to see that Papershop Village had chosen to mark the […]

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