A Moving Tale

Hmm. Top tips for moving – don’t get some sort of long-running stomach bug two days before the move. Also, when BT say that there is a phone line in the house you’re moving to, and everything will be set up in time for you to move in, don’t believe it unless you have it signed in the blood of the entire board, and have a couple of their first born held hostage as security to boot. Now that we’re actually moved in and I have book to launch, BT’s cheery assurance that all will be fine has turned into much ominous teeth sucking and talk of replacement poles. I have a bad feeling about this one. It may well run and run. Actually, both of them might.

BUT. We have moved, all of our stuff is safely in, the lambs are gambolling in the fields around us* and it’s only rained twice – once for two days, and once for one. The surrounding countryside is a wonderful flourescent green from all the rain and the hills, moors, rivers (sorry, burns), trees, flowers and decoratively placed cattle are all doing their scenic stuff. I can’t quite shake off the sense that we’re on holiday in some curiously shambolic holiday cottage. I thought it was down to all the scenery, but on second thoughts, I think it’s due to the faint but all-pervading smell of damp.

*Slight artistic licence – I’m actually currently staying tonight with another blogger in a desperate bid to get broadband.

3 Responses to A Moving Tale

  1. Huttonian says:

    Round here our lambs also gamble in the fields but for hard cash and the odd promissory note. Sub-prime mortgages are now out of the frame; wary animals our Borders’ lambs

  2. Dom says:

    Yes, we’ve been offloading the sub prime mortgages on the cows since the sheep got wise to it.

    Top tip for moving: Get your parents round to ‘help’ then get called into work to fix a problem, spend 8 hours fixing it, return to new house having been fully packed, moved, unpacked and sorted. Easiest move I ever did 🙂

  3. disgruntled says:

    I tried that – got the first half done, but it was a bit hard to get my parents to believe I had to nip 300 miles back to work that day…

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