This is Just to Say…

…it’s been a busy couple of days in the town mouse household, what with a trip to BigTown’s small cinema and taking the train for a day trip to Edinburgh, not to mention a spot of extreme ironing, rural style – all of which I might write about one of these days. But not right now because we came back home last night to find our connection kit has arrived and we are on broadband once more. Well, broadish band, but let’s not get picky – after two months accessing the internet through two tin cans and a long piece of string it feels pretty broad to us. And so I’ve got the whole wide world of the internet to catch up with – or at least those bits that require a decent connection.

Back tomorrow, after I have had my fill of sneezing pandas.

3 Responses to This is Just to Say…

  1. Congrats on your new broadishband, next you’ll be mentioning running water and gas? 😉

  2. Dom says:

    So let me get this straight. You’ve moved to the butt end of nowhere and you managed to get access to the internet with asynchronous digital subscriber line from British Telecommunications plc in under a year? Who did you kill and or sleep with?

  3. Huttonian says:

    Should it not be ‘mousehold’?

    Isn’t killing someone and then sleeping with necrophilia? Bestiality in the countryside, possibly but necrophilia is rare.

    At least in the Borders, it is

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