Glass Half Empty



It is, I think, one of the unacknowledged small pleasures of rural life: going down to the river to see where the water level is at the ford (see also: checking out the height of the waves crashing over the sea wall). If you don’t have a ford, any river level will do, particularly if it’s prone to flooding rich people’s houses,* but fords are best.

There’s a touch of the Charlie Browns about it, but the fact is, there’s not much other consolation to having day after day of rain than the prospect of a little light flooding as long as that flooding is happening somewhere else. And when the rain stops – or even if it hasn’t – you can walk down and go and see what the score is. We’ve even had a little sweepstake going – guessing what the level will be as we round the final corner, with the winner being the closest. So far we’ve not done much better than just under a foot, but it is high summer – not so long ago this spot was as dry as a bone.

I thought, to be honest, that this was just us but I bumped into a local guy out on my walk today and we got to talking about the ford, its highs (two feet, and still drivable, since you ask) and its lows. ‘It’s a funny thing,’ he said, completely unprompted, ‘but when it’s tipping down for day after day, you at least get this thought at the back of your mind: I wonder what the level of the ford is. And then when it stops, you can go down and see.’

*when we lived in Maidenhead this was in fact the primary winter entertainment. We had to make our own fun in those days.**


10 Responses to Glass Half Empty

  1. Helen says:

    We always go and count how many bricks are visible on our local bridge.
    It is exciting when the water reaches the buttresses, as it did a couple of days ago – about 7 feet we guess.

  2. nikkipolani says:

    I suppose the equivalent in our dry dry dryness is to check how high the wildfire alert is – though not nearly as restful as checking your ford 🙂

  3. disgruntled says:

    Helen – I think you guys got more rain than we did for once this week – although we’re now up to 2 feet at the ford
    Nikki – rather less restful if your house is in the floodplain, probably – but fortunately we’re well up the hill

  4. wakeupscared says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who does that sort of thing 🙂 although in my case it’s checking the water level against the side of the local canal/river that runs alongside it; although, back when we had severe rain the other year there was some flooding of the fields that lined the side of the canal.

  5. Huttonian says:

    you can see that in these parts floods are not half hearted-find a water gauge and the river will cover it

  6. disgruntled says:

    I think that six foot mark is a bit optimistic, tbh. Still, something to aim for

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