Next Stop Africa

I opened the door of the shed this morning to an explosion of wings and mad squeaking: the swallows have left the nest. The next thirty seconds was a mass fluttering panic as the birds learned the hard way that you can’t fly out through a closed window, however scary the monster might be who has invaded your haven. I left the door open when I went for the paper and by the time I came back they were swooping around the yard to the manner born.

Not that I got much chance to admire their aerobatics. For I discovered that the only thing on two wings scarier than a buzzing buzzard is an adult swallow defending its young. Buzzards might be bigger, but swallows have the advantage of speed, accuracy, and an enraged chattering noise that’s more alarming than it might sound. So I shall confine myself to admiring them from the doorstep in the my-god-is-that-sunshine and enjoy the show while it lasts. Because pretty soon they’ll be off to bother the flies of West Africa. And I’m not sure that I can blame them at all.

PS Anyone notice the progression of the last three posts? No doubt, this time tomorrow I’ll be menaced by a cat…


4 Responses to Next Stop Africa

  1. jane says:

    i am looking forward to the horse…

  2. justwilliams says:

    I have nominated your blog for an award. Details are on my blog in the post entitled “An award for me?”. Hope you approve. Best wishes.

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