Help Ma Boab

I discovered this weekend that people really do say ‘jings’ here, although I’m still waiting for a ‘crivvens’. What can it possibly mean? And more to the point, how long before I find I’m saying it myself? I’m guessing around three months…


9 Responses to Help Ma Boab

  1. Dom says:

    They can tak’ oour lives but they cannae tak’ oour troousers!

  2. R :: B says:

    You could easily astonish people back by peppering everyday conversation with such quaint expressions as “positively ghastly” or “frightfully awful”…

  3. R :: B says:

    I have a vague recollection that both the expressions you mention are non-blasphemous replacements for “Jesus” and “Christ in Heaven”.

    “Help ma Boab” is probably similar. My personal favourite is “In the name o’ the wee man!”

    You’ve already written them…my bet is you’ll say them without even realising it.

  4. disgruntled says:

    another number – indeed
    RB – I think my speech probably marks me out as English enough without attracting extra opprobrium. Although I do occasionally say ‘gosh’ and even ‘blimey’ which are quite quaint enough.

  5. I had no idea they were blasphemy replacements, RB has enlightened on that one! I guess it’s a bit like “for the love of mike”, then?

    Funnily enough, despite being only vaguely English ourselves (well, you know, northerns and scots kinda blur round the edges sometimes) when we were up there last we realised that all scots men walks past us in the village and grunted, so we decided to respond in as close to Queen’s English as we could muster.

  6. disgruntled says:

    What, you mean there aren’t actually people who worship the great god Mike? I’m shocked.

  7. R :: B says:

    Ah…an opening for the First Church of the Adoring Michael and Somewhat Helpful Robert!

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