The Pound in your Pocket

October 1, 2008

‘HBOS rescue in jeopardy’ screams the Guardian headline as I hand over my money at the papershop. Hmmm. Perhaps I should have handed over my Bank of Scotland fiver instead of the handful of coins I used? I worry about Scottish notes at the best of times – partly because I always end up getting off the train in London with no cash except a strange looking tenner, trying to persuade a sceptical Pole that I’m not attempting to pay for my lunch with Monopoly money – but somehow now the words ‘Bank of Scotland plc promises to pay the Bearer on demand five pounds sterling at its registered office, Edinburgh’ just don’t have the reassuring ring that they used to.

Perhaps I should hang onto it in case it becomes collectible instead, or for the kitsch value – instead of Brenda we’ve got Sir Walter Scot and ‘Brig o’Doon’ on the reverse. Or, if the bank does go, and oil prices soar again, I could always try burning it to keep warm…