Colder November

November 29, 2008

Woke up this morning and not only was the world white:


But some bugger had stolen our view.

Cold November

November 28, 2008






Fortunately, thanks to your firelighting tips, and in no small part to the efforts of the other half with an axe, chopping wood, we now have a blazing fire. And, if I lean forward and concentrate very hard, I can almost feel some warmth coming off it…

My Kind of Dog

November 27, 2008

Spotted in Bigtown this afternoon: a smiley sort of labrador busily picking up all the discarded plastic bottles along the river bank.

Admittedly, she was doing it because she liked to play with them, not because she’d been trained to gather them up and put in the bin, but as her owner said, ‘Ach well, if it makes me look good, I’ll no argue wi’ that!’*

Still, it’s a thought. And with a different sort of dog (Rottie, staffordshire, growly alsation) trained to return litter to the litterer with menaces, we might actually be getting somewhere…

* As you can see, I’m making great strides with the language. Although the postie was telling me something complicated about his lost horse** yesterday that I couldn’t make head or tail of.

** Not how he delivers the post, in case you’re wondering. We’re not that rural

Right, that’s it…

November 26, 2008

… I’m now having to type in fingerless gloves.

A Close Shave

November 25, 2008

caution_squirrelsTwo of them, actually, as first one red squirrel launched itself right under the wheels of our car, and then its friend played chicken on the road ahead. Thankfully, neither ended up squished on the road. While running over anything is never pleasant, running over a red squirrel would feel like crossing giant panda hunting with clubbing baby seals to death. Cute AND rare: never a good victim combination.

I don’t know what they’re still doing up though. There was ice on the puddles this morning, and still ice on the shaded puddles this afternoon. The sooner they get their little fluffy arses into gear and go and hibernate, the better. That way we can drive and breathe…

Why is it…

November 24, 2008

…that the sheep that regularly panic whenever I cycle past – Oh my God a monster! A monster on two wheels! And it’s looking at us! Run away! Run away! – don’t turn so much as a hair* when the military jets shriek overhead at 300ft?

I’m not even wearing my scary yellow jacket any more.

* or whatever the sheep equivalent would be. Wool? Strand? Curl?


November 22, 2008

So, the Terror Centre – while backing off slightly from its earlier predictions of Armageddon, blizzards sweeping Britain, Hell freezing over etc – is still predicting lows of -2°C this evening, along with ice, rain and a chance of up to 10cm of snow overnight.

All of which makes it an extremely bad time for me to have accidentally turned off the Rayburn… which now has to stay off until it’s stone cold* and safe to relight.

Now then, about those fire lighting tips…

*Of course, in this weather, that may not actually take that long.