The Darkest Hour

Today, at 12:04 precisely, is the winter solstice, so today is the shortest day. Not only that, but the other half has reported a ‘strange blue patch’ in the sky and seeing ‘some sort of a light’. It’s probably a hallucination, but some people believe this is the legendary celestial body ‘the sun’.

From here on in, things can only get – well, brighter.

Until the 21st June, that is.

(more than you ever really needed to know about solstices here)

4 Responses to The Darkest Hour

  1. huttonian says:

    Ah that explains the whirlwind in Duns

  2. Flighty says:

    It’ll seem like no time at all before you’ll be doing a longest day post!
    That’s an interesting link! xx

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Try to remember that summer summer summer will be SO long and light! Try! We had 6 lovely inches of snow the other day and I thought, “Great a white Christmas!” It was followed on with an inch or so of freezing rain, sleet, and rain today, making the roads slush and muck. Fortunately it’ll be below zero tonight!

    Summer is coming!

  4. disgruntled says:

    Huttonian – nothing explains the weather in Duns.
    Flighty – true – and then the days will be getting shorter again
    Elizabeth – long – yes, light – yes, warm – maybe.

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