Caution – Contents of Post does not Equal one Summer

I thought I’d seen one yesterday, but it was just a fleeting glimpse, and I couldn’t really be sure.

When I mentioned it to the other half he said he’d thought he’d heard one – that high-pitched chattering noise they make – but then he decided it must have just been a starling after all

And then, just as the other half was setting off in the car I glanced up and saw them

They’re back!


Brace yourself for more poo.

4 Responses to Caution – Contents of Post does not Equal one Summer

  1. PaperBoy says:

    Thankfully we’ve got all on with this lot. I say “we” – I do of course mean my better and lovelier half.

  2. Flighty says:

    Always good to see them every year!

  3. […] about the fact that it had flown ALL THIS WAY and there was no car for it to poo on. I see, from my meticulous records, that this is four days later than last year, but hopefully they will make up for lost time. Not […]

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