First Catch your Post Office

To the papershop, where papershop woman was busy trying to explain to a confused customer when the post office might next be open. The papershop used to be a shop and a post office, and then it changed and became a shop with a post office – the post office in question being a travelling one that operated out of Notso Bigtown Post Office four days a week. Then that was closed and replaced by a different travelling post office operating out of a different town’s post office, on three days a week with different times (but run by the same bloke). This will shortly move to the Papershop Village Hall, and open two days a week at a further set of different times from the current one. Customers missing that – and they can hardly fail to – can hare off in pursuit of the other mobile post office which operates a secret schedule which is kept under the counter at the papershop and available to those who ask using the recognised code word.

At least, I think that’s how it works. I rather lost track of the explanation half way through the part about there being an R in the month and allowing for the phases of the moon and the adjustments needed for those still operating the Gregorian calendar. Clearly these are in fact unofficial post offices, gone feral in the face of intense persecution, and operating a guerilla schedule so that head office can’t find them in order to close them down. Because the other explanation – that they’re trying to make the damn things so complicated to use that we just give up and go elsewhere and don’t complain when they are axed – that would just be silly. Wouldn’t it?

9 Responses to First Catch your Post Office

  1. Nick says:

    You can see why they invented email and hole-in-the-wall money machines now.

  2. Simon says:

    Excellent post – sounds like the buses around here. But we have a post office – and a bank (on Friday mornings, operating out of the library cum internet cafe cum council office cum doctors surgery (but only if you’re over 60 – otherwise you have to travel 11 miles to the real doctors surgery) …..

  3. disgruntled says:

    Nick – indeed. Although I don’t think either was primarily for the destruction of rural post offices…
    Simon – cool, do you have feral buses? Ever see one in the wild? Actually your friday morning thing sounds quite useful.

  4. Flighty says:

    It’s not just rural ones that have gone. I now have to walk a lot further to the nearest one, and invariably queue for longer.
    Considering how much they’re used, especially by older folks, it all seems a bit crazy to me. xx

  5. disgruntled says:

    A post office I could walk to would be fab…

  6. I’ll keep quiet about the 2 post offices within easy walking distance of my house, or the post office that’s a bit further away from the farm – but still within walking distance….

  7. I thought it was just us! Our post office is open for 30 mins sometime between 12 and 2 depending on when you get there (which is never the time its open) and is situated in someone’s front hall!

    And that is reason we now have a PO box in our not very big town. I have such fond memories of postpeople delivering mail to the door…

  8. disgruntled says:

    Jo – don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone
    CG – my parents used to have a post office like that in their kitchen. Which made it easier to work out when it might be open

  9. […] had an Important Document to send off today so I took it down to Papershop Village knowing that the feral post office was supposed to be putting in an appearance there this lunchtime. I was feeling pretty pleased with […]

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