Actually, you can Forget Bicycle Lanes…

this is what we need on the roads round here

Via Chic Cyclists.


5 Responses to Actually, you can Forget Bicycle Lanes…

  1. That looks so much fun it might be worth cycling! Seriously, some other countries take cycling seriously, so it is much safer (and less scary).

  2. Dom says:

    Fantastic! The translation on the user instructions is quite fun. “Stretch your right leg backwards determinedly while still keeping your right foot in the start slot.”

  3. disgruntled says:

    If this picture is anything to go by, going down the hill might be pretty scary…

    I always stretch my legs determinedly

  4. […] drunk driver demands changes in the law to keep drunks off the road. Town Mouse says this is what Scottish cyclists need instead of bike lanes. Finally, Newt Gingrich, the student cyclist’s friend? Really? Possibly […]

  5. Jenny says:

    Wonderful invention! We’d need a few of them here in Auckland but I can’t see that happening fast, so I guess it will be the old ‘get off and push bike uphill’ trick for some time yet.

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