While the Sun Shines


The weather’s been fairly grim these last few days – blustery, cool, raining and endlessly grey. Today looked like it was going to be no better but as the morning wore on we noticed a strange light in the sky and then – my God – enough sunshine to cast a shadow. The forecasts suggested we should get out and make the most of it while it lasted, and so we did. ‘Fancy a bike ride?’ I asked the other half, and curiously enough, he did.

There’s no other option on a day like this: the reservoir loop. I never get tired of this ride, although I do frequently get tired on this ride as, curiously, no bike lift has yet to be installed. But that’s what cameras are for: an excuse to stop and rest while pretending to take photographs of my favourite breed of cow:


We were nearly at the top when we saw this:


(and if you’re wondering, that impressive looking junction with the give way sign is actually the entrance to a farm track). Recklessly, we pressed on, pausing only to, once more, fail to capture the view from the top:


Twenty minutes of descending later and we found the roadworks, but the long delays were on their lunchbreak so we whizzed past without stopping (they were fixing the parapet on a bridge).

Then a quick stop at the waterfall to give the bikes a rest, and home for our own lunch break.

Rain forecast again tomorrow… oh well.


7 Responses to While the Sun Shines

  1. What a sensible person you are – 1. to live somewhere beautiful and 2. to take advantage of the sunshine.
    thanks for the photos.

  2. disgruntled says:

    thanks. It doesn’t feel quite so sensible when it’s been raining for four days straight … sometimes I have to do these posts to remind myself.

  3. Rainy days are good for charging camera batteries. But by the time it’s stopped raining the batteries have discharged themselves again. That, truthfully, is why Run for the Hills has been short on piccies of late. A wet and unpleasant October. But well done for getting out there. Great piccies.

  4. Sarah says:

    Local cows for local people…

  5. disgruntled says:

    Mr Goat – sounds like you need new camera batteries…
    Sarah – they’re not actually that common around here. But you’ve got to love stripey cows

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