Another One that Got Away

Things you expect to see in a field: sheep, cows, a farmer, grass …

Things you don’t expect to see in a field:

A large fish. A brown trout, to be precise.

Some context may be helpful here. It had started raining last evening, it had rained more or less all night, and all morning and it was still raining, albeit more lightly. Having been stuck in the house for most of this, I was out with a stick poking at the drains to clear the flooding on the road, which is my new favourite hobby (it’s the giant slurping plughole noise, I think). Having just cleared out the worst of the blockages, I looked into the field on the downhill side of the road and saw the fish.

My second thought (my first thought was ‘must blog this’) was to get someone else to come and see. The other half was out – and very miffed when he got back to discover that he could have had trout instead of leek and cheese pie for his supper – so I went up to the big house to get our landlady. She instantly recognised it as one of her fish (well, you would, wouldn’t you) escaped from the ponds in the grounds and which had presumably been swimming around happily in the road* until I came along with my interfering town ways. We got a bucket and scooped up Barry (the Brown Trout), as I shall not be naming him, and returned him to the pond with a cry of ‘be free, Barry, be free!’ whereupon he lay on his side gasping pathetically. It was never like this on Flipper, I tell you. I waded out and pushed him free of the weed and into deeper water and after a while he righted himself and swam away to our relief. Sadly, Barry, shall now probably be hooked out of the pond at the earliest opportunity by the son of the house – country folk haven’t a sentimental bone in their bodies – but I will have done my best.

Anyway, what with the airborne slugs, and land-based fish, it’s probably lucking we’re heading east for a week now. Lord knows what tomorrow would have had in store…

*Imagine explaining that one to the fishing police if you’d run it over…

16 Responses to Another One that Got Away

  1. R::B says:

    I don’t think brown trout are covered but Yes…it would be somewhat unique to have your bike confiscated as “fish poaching equipment”. (

  2. LittleLegsdad says:

    Well, at least it didn’t start to sign at you.

    S’pose your be having a wee dram with the neighbours in about 28 days time?

  3. disgruntled says:

    R::B – it was big enough that had I hit it with the bike, I would probably have come off. Now there’s a freak accident for you…

    LLD – why 28 days time?

  4. Dom says:

    How now brown trout.

    Yes, groan-worthy I know, but someone had to šŸ™‚

  5. Nick says:

    You DIDN’T EAT IT? Maybe you should consider going back to city life; it’s obvious that you’ll never make a good countrywoman!

  6. kenanddot says:

    My mum once swiped and ate a partridge that her pet cat had caught (he was a big cat).

    I was sort of hoping for fish rain when I saw the photo, but fish swimming down the road is a pleasantly surreal image too.

  7. disgruntled says:

    Dom – indeed
    Nick – I know, and the other half is just as disgusted as you are. The problem is I would have either had to club it to death or sit & watch it suffocate, and I couldn’t face either.
    Ken&Dot – you know, I hadn’t thought of raining fish, but it’s entirely possible, given the weather we’ve had.

  8. You’re obviously a saint. My second thought (after the “must blog THIS!”) would have been “Couple of slices of lemon, some garlic, a little butter, wrap it in foil & 25 minutes in the oven. Mmmmmmm”

    It would only be when I got home that I’d remember the bit about taking its guts out.

    And it would only be when the police knocked on the door that I’d realise that it’s probably best not to boast about poaching!

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  12. livinginabox says:

    A game keeper I knew told me about someone he knew being hit on the head by a fish [don’t know what sort], in the middle of a field. Apparently the fish was dropped by a heron that was being mobbed by carrion crows.

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