Bringing Home the Bacon

It was a fine day today, the sort of day that suggests the weather gods may, just, be considering forgiving us whatever transgression it was brought their wrath down on us last week.

But I didn’t have time to stand around admiring the view for I had an important mission to fulfil: the Town Mouse household had run out of bacon. Time to cycle down to our local Camphill trust, which has a farm shop selling its own excellent cheeses, bread, various organic foodstuffs and which I thought might also do bacon. Off I pedalled and sure enough, there was plenty of bacon and when I asked if it was outdoor raised I got the answer ‘Oh yes, totally, you can head on out the back and say hello to the pigs if you like’ which is far more reassuring than ‘all our meat is sourced from farms which adhere to Tescos own high animal welfare standards,’ for some reason I can’t quite put my finger on*.

23 miles later and my nose and toes were telling me all about the imminent onset of winter. I’ve hit my Eddington target for the month, blown the last soot of London out of my lungs and – best of all – according to the Highway Cycling Group Bacon Calculation Algorithm, I’ve earned myself an extra 2 and almost-a-half rashers with my supper tonight. How fortunate that we’ve got plenty to hand…

* It’s only now I’ve come to write this up that I realise I should have actually taken a picture of the pigs. Oh well, bad blogger.

7 Responses to Bringing Home the Bacon

  1. Flighty says:

    I like the photos, and the post had me smiling!
    I just wish that I had some bacon for a buttie or two later on.
    What you should have said is that you couldn’t get a photo of the pigs but hopefully will next time!
    Colder here as well, with Monday night’s temperature forecast to be 0C, which may well give us the first proper frost of the year. xx

  2. Take one of the bacon. Same thing, really 😉

  3. CentralUser says:

    There was me thinking ‘Bringing Home the Bacon?… But they’re sheep!”.

  4. disgruntled says:

    Flighty – plenty bacon shops in London I would have thought.
    Jo – true… your pigs may beg to differ though!
    CentralUser – oh that’s what they are. I thought they were a bit woolly to be pigs…

  5. It looks as if you have had good weather today, but down here on the coast we are still suffering The Wrath of God.
    re bacon- I eat lamb from a farm that I often pass by in my car. They always look happy in the field, and I know the farmer.

  6. disgruntled says:

    Oh dear, hope the Gods let up soon…

  7. […] one of the few places around where you can buy outdoor reared pork (although without the option to go and say hello to the pigs – I suspect that as they have a ‘tickets only’ nature trail on offer, going and […]

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