There’s Nothing more Galling…

… than deciding something’s absolutely impossible, and then seeing someone doing it.

I woke up in a slightly better mood this morning (I was a bit grumpy yesterday, wasn’t I?) We’d escaped the promised heavy snow, and got a light icing-sugar dusting instead, plus bright sunshine and blue skies and everything all sparkling again. And, even though all of the schools in the county are closed, due to it being a bit nippy, the gritter lorry has been! And the bin men! We went out for a walk – playing spot the piece of grit; they haven’t exactly been lavish with it, understandably – and we could actually walk instead of stagger. We had got as far as the Cottage-that-sells-eggs and turned back into the biting wind when what did we see coming down the icy hill, but a cyclist. He was doing all right too – not moving all that fast, and with a look of absolute concentration on his face, but he seemed to have all of his limbs intact, and he wasn’t on particularly knobbly tyres either.

I still think that, taking everything into account, and given the amount of ruts and black ice around, he’s insane. But maybe, just maybe, if the gritters come around again, and it doesn’t snow too much and it doesn’t freeze too hard again and the sun stays out, I might get back onto the bike. After all, I’ve got some lovely new merino base layers* to play with.

* ‘Oh, you mean a vest,’ as my mum said, when I explained what I wanted for Christmas…


8 Responses to There’s Nothing more Galling…

  1. Dom says:

    If we get a lot of snow out here I’ll be out on my bike with me camera, the argument being that the roads round here are generally clearer than the pavements thanks to cars and if it is snowy enough for me to want to photograph it it’s probably not the best idea to take the car out, thus the bike will be the safest form of transportation.

  2. disgruntled says:

    Hmmm. That works for fresh snow, and if the road is cleared. If it isn’t cleared, and turns to compacted ice, you might find a car is better. Never thought I’d actually say that, but there you go!

  3. Jenny says:

    Brrrrr, it sound mighty cold over there. Hibernation ought to be compulsory in Scotland. How kilts ever came to be so popular is beyond me – just imagine what an icy blast could do. At least it means plenty of time hunched over the computer completely guilt free.

  4. Flighty says:

    He or you wouldn’t have got far here today except on a sledge! xx

  5. disgruntled says:

    Jenny – I’m beginning to think that’s the tactic most people have adopted…
    Flighty – nor here.

  6. My son favours a brand of ‘base layer’ called under armour. It just sounds so much more macho…

    (He lives in Pilsen and runs almost daily and the local think he’s looney).

  7. disgruntled says:

    but how chilly would chain mail be in this weather!

  8. Dom says:

    There was a girl at uni who came out clubbing one night with a chain mail vest on her top half and nothing underneath it. She went home not wearing a chain mail top, instead wearing a t-shirt and jumper she’d managed to borrow after learning the hard way about the effects of a Bradford winter on metal (not to mention the female body).

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