Do you Tweet Under your own Name?

You know, I could have signed up to twitter aaaaages ago. I remember when it first began to appear on the radar and I toyed with the idea of signing up then, like all the cool kids were. But I recognised that it had the potential to be the crack cocaine of blogging and I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend my life tweeting ‘I’m on the loo’ to anyone who was interested (and then obsessively checking my stats to see if anyone actually was). Then, of course, Stephen Fry got stuck in a lift and Twitter got really big, and it seemed like it was too late to sign up without looking like one of those me too people who signs up for everything they’ve read about in the Technology Guardian*. So I sat it out and waited for twitter to go the way of Friends Reunited and Second Life and all my favourite bloggers to come back and write proper posts instead of chatting to their twitterbuddies in the sidebar of their blogs. By then I’d found out, rather reluctantly, that twitter was actually quite useful for keeping track of breaking stories and not just a load of people telling each other what they’d had for lunch. But that still didn’t make it something I was going to do myself – my life is barely filled with enough incident to feed the blog, let alone keep up a constant stream of commentary:

Oooh, car gone past. And another one. And a tractor. It’s like Picadilly Circus up here.

But Twitter showed no sign of going away. Not only that, but not having a twitter account was becoming a bit like not having an email address, or a mobile phone: it wasn’t making me look as though I was being a bit cool and reticent and not jumping on the latest bandwagon, it was making me look like somebody’s grandmother. So I have cracked, and done the deed – look out for articles in the popular press about the ‘death of twitter’ any moment now. That’s usually what happens when I join in the latest craze, after all.

All that was left was for me to choose a username. No doubt, if I had signed up back when I first thought of it I could even have been ‘disgruntled’ but that has gone. So I’ve decided to tweet under my real name, or as much of it as I can reasonably fit into a twitter handle (they wanted to leave off the last ‘e’! Don’t they realise that makes me come from Lancashire instead of Yorkshire? Can’t have that). You can follow me here, and please do because I look a bit of a Norma NoMates at the moment.

Anyway, must go, because Twitter is calling. There’s three cars gone past in the last half hour, for one thing…


14 Responses to Do you Tweet Under your own Name?

  1. Flighty says:

    I finally succumbed a couple of weeks ago but only did my first tweet today to you! I use my real name but have my Flighty avatar.
    I still enjoy blogging and I’ve only been on Facebook a few weeks which is okay. As for Twitter I’m still undecided but doubt if I’ll use it much. I’ll be interested to see what you think of it after a week or two! xx

  2. Flighty says:

    I see that I’m actually Sofaflyer there, Flighty being already in use! I mustdo a few tweets and see what’s what! xx

  3. disgruntled says:

    You’re like me – too many internet names…

  4. Mikeachim says:

    I’ve checked your tweets and there’s nothing about cars. Given up so quickly? For shame, for shame. Tip: say something about how stupid some guy called Justin Bieber’s hair is. That will immediately get you on the front page and in the firing line of 150,000 enraged American teenagers who will heckle you illiterately. Then you’ll get followed by 300,000 anti-Bieber alternative rock teenagers, and suddenly you’ll be part of the super-followed Twitterati.

    Here he is, complete with incredibly annoying hair:

    I share your cagey feelings. At first I was horrified: the deluge of reformed pork luncheon meat, the wearying, depressing blizzard of meaningless trivia and personal thoughts that should stay personal (“hey, not sure if I should tell u this but…*etc*.”), the glut of self-obsessed “gurus” offering amazing advice like “The secret 2 Social Media is 2 say cool things. C u tomorrow for another Top Tip”)…

    I hated it. It depressed me. It made me throw up, inside my head.

    ….and now I use it every day. I’ve got online writing jobs through it. I’ve made contacts in the fields I’m trying to write for. It’s like there’s another Twitter, squirelled away in the dross, and it’s being run by lots of folk I’m delighted to get to know.

    However, Twitter is still the human race’s ticket straight to hell.

  5. John_in_NH says:

    as part of the “youngin” generation I have to say I will continue to resist the twitter bit. In fact I really don’t like it at all, and despite some small use sometimes, find no use for it in my life. I also do not have a cell phone as well, making me an unofficial outcast in 21st century America (part of 3% of Americans that do not own one, I think it is now)

    I am usually late to things, but thats ok 🙂 If I see a use for it in my life and where I am heading then great! I will use it.

    Otherwise I shun it 😉

    good luck with the twitterness 🙂
    and giving updates on which field the cows are in now could be important to that farmer down the road following your feed from his tractor!!

  6. Dom says:

    Ah, I jumped on the twitter bandwagon back in the days when it was hip and cool. Then there was the inevitable confusion of do I post like Facebook updates where one assumes there is a “Dom is” prepending the statement or do I do it as a micro blog. After a few months I realised the only people following me were a few friends who could see my Facebook status anyway and a few hundred people trying to use Twitter to advertise and/or scam. In the end I got bored of it, although recently I’ve been considering rejoining and consuming rather than producing. Perhaps I could add you as my first followee 🙂

  7. cha0tic says:

    It’s not for everyone, but hey it’s not compulsory. I know Football exists and wish it would “just go away”. to quote David Mitchell. So I just tend to ignore football unless it gets in the way. As it will, because of the morons at work who will be obsessing about the bloody game as it’s a world cup year. *sigh*

    You might like it on #LeadersDebate* night. Pop the radio/TV on, listen to/watch the debate and fire up Twitter. I suggest you get a Twitter ‘client’. There are plenty out there, Tweetdeck is popular. I prefer Hootsuite myself as it’s web based so I just have it open in a separate tab.

    The advantage of a Twitter client is that you can have various columns available to view. The general one of all the people you follow, the ones you’ve sent, the ones @**, direct messages and custom ones. Say you want to fish for tweets containing the hash tag #Cycling or what ever you set it up for.

    As I say it’s out there, but not compulsory.

    *That’s what’s known as a hash tag. It’s a way of attracting attention to you’re tweet, or aligning with something going on, or something you’re interested in. It’s also a way to search for other tweets on the same subject. #TheArchers & #Radio4 are I couple I use regularly.

    **@ is another concept to get your head round. It’s a way of replying or commenting to another person’s tweets.

  8. Nick says:

    What’s Twitter?

  9. justwilliams says:

    So what’s wrong with Lancashire? 🙂

  10. disgruntled says:

    Thanks everyone. I’m going to have to think of something to say now…

  11. Anonymous says:

    Nothing’s wrong with Lancashire. We won.

  12. Sarah says:

    Why has it made me anonymous? Is your comment box a Yorkist?

  13. disgruntled says:

    couldn’t possibly comment

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