I’ve a Feeling we’re Not in London any More…

Seriously, what is the point of taking the front wheel off your fancy – very fancy – road bike in order to lock it to the frame if the lock in question is the sort a twelve-year-old could open with a pair of nail scissors? I suppose it would slow the twelve-year-old in question down a little as they reassembled the bike, unless they were really good at wheelies. Then again, the bike in question was parked next to a nice if rather elderly three-speed shopper which wasn’t locked at all. I suppose its owner decided the thieves would concentrate on the fancy road bike*.

The Guardian Bike blog had a piece about bike theft that included the line

These days it is impossible to imagine ever leaving home without two bike locks. The correct locking technique, involving two different style locks around both wheels, is as drilled into cyclists as looking before crossing the road.

It got the usual pasting in the comments for its London-centric bias. But it is true that when you live in London you can’t imagine leaving home without an armoury of locks. It’s only when you escape that you realise there are places where you can imagine – indeed you often do – leaving home without even one lock

*Although, personally, if I was going to nick any bike, it would have been the three speed I’d have taken. But I’m a little strange that way.


4 Responses to I’ve a Feeling we’re Not in London any More…

  1. Autolycus says:

    Pish; and indeed tush. I only use a single D-lock. But I make sure to leave it where anyone could see a malefactor up to no good.

  2. disgruntled says:

    In London I did have a second cable for the front wheel, having lost a wheel to thieves before. Makes for a long walk home…

  3. Dom says:

    I use a cable lock which would probably stop you if you had forgotten your bolt cutters but is primarily there to deter the opportunist. This is, however, in deepest North Norfolk where crime isn’t very high. In Colchester where I had my bike stored in the communal bike sheds, locked properly with 2 D locks I came in one day to find everything that could be nicked from the bike gone (they’d come armed with a full tool kit) and everything that couldn’t be nicked broken and bent beyond recognition. The 2 D Locks survived intact and unscathed.

  4. disgruntled says:

    ouch. You can’t ride a D-lock…

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