Spin Cycle


In the last couple of weeks – normal weather service having resumed* – we’ve adopted the local approach to drying our laundry. Rather than waiting for a sunny day or spending half the morning sprinting in and out to rescue our clothes from the rain, we’ve taken to hanging them up whenever the weather is halfway decent – or even if it’s actually raining as long as it looks as though it will pass – even if we’re going out for the day, in the hope that the combination of the brisk wind and the intermittent sun will cancel out the rain. Generally by the time we get home the clothes are bone dry, if a little more rinsed than usual. (And I’m sure there are fancy laundries in London where you pay extra to get ‘rainwater rinsed’ clothes. Or even ‘Scottish rainwater rinsed’. And if there aren’t, there probably should be).

Coincidentally (or maybe not) I’ve adopted a similar approach to deciding whether or not to go out on my bike. With exactly the same results.

*despite all the recent excitement the papers about Britain baking in a heatwave – it turns out that by ‘Britain’ the papers actually mean ‘Southern England’ if not actually ‘London’. See also: world cup fever, locking your bike, etc. etc.


6 Responses to Spin Cycle

  1. Dom says:

    The rain does, however, mean you’ve got a lovely green lawn as opposed to the dusty yellowing affairs found further south.

  2. disgruntled says:

    you know what? Green grass is overrated…

  3. disgruntled says:

    I can live with that

  4. Has there been a revolution? Are we living in a communist state? I tell ya we miss all the news up here.

  5. […] service has been resumed and last week I didn’t go down for the paper on the bike once. Braving showers is one thing, but I still balk at setting off cold-bloodedly in the rain, knowing that it would […]

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