Look, look, look!

I made that, I did

All right, so it took me almost nine months, during which time other people have managed to make a whole new human being but this is much less messy and also easier to look after. I haven’t quite had the courage to wear it in public yet but it will get an outing soon. I’m hoping for lots of ‘lovely cardigan, where did you get it?’s and not so many ‘did you knit that yourself?’s. But actually, it just passing without comment at all would probably be okay.

Next up: socks. But don’t hold your breath or anything.


13 Responses to Look, look, look!

  1. Lynda says:

    Lovey cardy. Where did you get it? Very well done indeed. I knitted a lovely (but hugely complicated)cabled jumper for one of my grandkids, then right away started another for his sister. The first one took me about 3 months, but this second one has taken me well over a year already and I have only done the back and about 2 inches of the front! And it’s for a 6 year old. She will have grown out of it by the time I get it finished.

  2. disgruntled says:

    Thanks Lynda… at least knitting for adults isn’t an attempt to hit a moving target.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Oh, good job! I love the color and that crisscrossy stitch. But I also love the collar/neckline combo and the slightly cropped length. Big win all the way around. However…is it wash n dry? I haven’t bought anything in years that I can’t throw in both the washer and dryer, so I can’t even imagine putting that much time and effort into something that’s not easy care.

    Oh, but wait. You’ve written about hanging the wash, and I know most countries don’t automatically have clothes dryers as often as we do in the States. And, now that I think about it, I’m hoping to spend the next year or two roaming the globe and have been choosing my wardrobe by how easily it will wash in bathroom sinks then drip dry. So, never mind. Excellent result. Congratulations.

  4. That’s gorgeous! I like everything about it.

  5. Dom says:

    So you’re worried about wearing it in public where people may or may not notice it depending on the situation and who they are, but are willing to put a picture of it up on the Internet where you’ve stated it’s home made and people have time to sit and analyse every stitch [? not sure what the individual component of a knitted item is ] 😀

    Looks very swish. Will the socks match? [the cardigan, not each other – assuming that’s a given]

  6. disgruntled says:

    Rebecca & DM – thanks. It’s not as intricate as it looks and it is (I’ve discovered) very warm, probably because of the patterning… as to care, we do actually have a dryer, although I try to avoid using it, but I’d never tumble dry any knit wear, unless I’m trying to felt it. In fact I tend to handwash all my jumpers if I can. Probably not the most practical approach but they last longer that way
    Dom – what, you expect logic from a blogger? The socks won’t match and it’s self striping wool so it’s going to be an interesting point as to whether they match each other either. We’ll see.

  7. Kirsten says:

    Don’t feel bad about the nine months — I must be the slowest knitter in existence, mainly because I only knit in the winter.

  8. disgruntled says:

    I only do it when there’s something on the telly which is basically never these days.

  9. Babymother says:

    That’s just showing off, that is. OK. Now you’ve hit a stationery target, which neice or nephew is going to benefit from moving target practice first? Heads grow slowly so you could start with hats. Though maybe not for this winter…(BTW – blues, especially royal/navy suit the Redster and the Cutester goes well with reds and purples. Thanks.)

  10. disgruntled says:

    I tell you what, I’ll knit one item of clothing for every blog entry you do. That shouldn’t be too challenging…

  11. Babymother says:

    You’re on. 🙂

  12. disgruntled says:

    OK, but retroblogging doesn’t count

  13. […] have actually managed to knit myself a whole cardigan in the past (it even came out quite successfully, although sadly the moths got more use out of it than I did in the end), and then abandoned an […]

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