Perfect Day

There are days when – more or less by accident – you stumble into the perfect ride. We didn’t set out having planned anything particularly special this morning but somehow everything just came together and we came home having enjoyed the best jaunt yet this year, and that’s actually saying a lot because we’ve had some good adventures.

Everybody’s idea of a perfect bike ride will differ, but this is what seemed to work for us:

Perfect weather – a gentle tail wind for the uphill bits and the head wind reserved for the downhill bits, plenty of scattered cloud and yet the sun always seemed to be shining on the part where we were;

Perfect route – with a road so quiet the only traffic was the indignant sheep who clearly felt that we were trespassing in their domain and stopping them from lying sunbathing on the tarmac;

Perfect destination – a loch tucked away in the hills, with a little spot under some trees which was just right for sitting looking out over the water and sharing a snack while putting the world to rights;

Perfect length – we were going to go on and complete a loop but wiser heads prevailed and in the end we came home feeling that we could have cycled further – but we were very glad we didn’t have to;

and, of course, perfect company.

At one point, as we were almost home, still riding in conversational formation and taking it at chatting speed steadily up a hill, I glanced over my shoulder and discovered that the three of us had become four. I apologise now to the poor chap on his carbon fibre road bike who had no bell (extra weight!) and was too polite to let us know he was stuck behind us until we happened to notice and moved over to let him pass. I’m guessing his idea of a perfect ride would be something a little different from ours, but kudos to him all the same for not simply blasting past us and instead pausing to exchange a few pleasantries before leaving us for dust on the rest of the hill.

We’re not quite sure how to top that but the plan is to do something similar but with added pub and bacon sandwiches.


7 Responses to Perfect Day

  1. What a perfectly lovely sounding ride.

  2. tlatet says:

    Lovely picture, lovely post, and an inspiration for the coming weekend.

  3. disgruntled says:

    Emma – thanks, it was
    Tlatet – hope you get the weather for it!

  4. John Gibson says:

    Yes bliss, this takes me back some years when I was living in Bridgewater, I rode out to minehead and on the way back stopped for a few in a nice pub I came across. However a few turned into a few more and after going on for a few miles I had to stop and sleep it off before I could get back home.

  5. […] a stolen bike critically injures a pedestrian in a two-wheeled hit-and-run. Now this sounds like a perfect ride to […]

  6. disgruntled says:

    hehe – sounds like you overshot a bit there!

  7. “in the end we came home feeling that we could have cycled further – but we were very glad we didn’t have to…” that is my favorite part of the post. Less is more.

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