Yet More Rural Mysteries

Cycling back from Bigtown with my newly serviced bike (aah, order is returned to the world…) I noticed what looked like a sack of something lying in an empty field. Coming closer I noticed that the sack had a leg and was in fact a sheep and as I passed it I noticed the leg twitch and the sheep move and look up looking as startled as only a sheep can, as though it had just woken up suddenly from a heavy sleep.

Now I know that, realistically, this story is unlikely to be one that ends well for the sheep. But I would like to continue to believe that what in FACT happened was that the sheep had a hard night out with its drinking buddies and all the other sheep had decided to play a trick on it and had sneaked off into the next field while it was out cold to give it a shock when it finally came round and found itself all alone. And I’m going to continue to believe that, so please indulge me in the comments, mmmkay?


7 Responses to Yet More Rural Mysteries

  1. Flighty says:

    Sounds like a ‘Shaun the Sheep’ story to me! xx

  2. disgruntled says:

    Ah yes, I’d forgotten you were a big shaun the sheep fan…

  3. WOL says:

    Well, I think what happened was that all the other sheep met up at the pasture gate bright and early this morning and went off on a “field trip” to a new pasture, except for this one. You just happened to be passing when it woke up, quite startled to realize its alarm clock hadn’t gone off and it had overslept and missed the “field trip.”

  4. Mikeachim says:

    *I* reckon you were 30 seconds late from seeing an eventful meeting of a sheep and a banana-skin.

  5. John Gibson says:

    In fact the sheep had moved away from the others, and come to meet me but I could not make it in the end.

  6. Autolycus says:

    Perhaps it had just dropped off from counting cyclists.

  7. Amaranthine says:

    Sounds highly plausible to me. Sheep are practically indestructible aren’t they?

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