Just When you Thought it was Safe to go back into the Veg Patch…

You thought we were done with the monster parsnips, didn’t you?

Well, the truth is I could see that there was a parsnip lurking in there that looked as though it was going to be a biggie. I’ve been sort of avoiding it until I felt capable of dealing with it, but today the thought of spicy parsnip soup for lunch beckoned and I decided tackling it during daylight hours might be the safest way.


I tried it with the fork and despite getting a good way in, it didn’t seem to be budging at all. So I dug it out gradually, the way you might a fence post and finally worked it free.

That’s 1.3 kg of parsnip right there, that is. I think we’ll be having it for lunch for a while…



12 Responses to Just When you Thought it was Safe to go back into the Veg Patch…

  1. The Paper Boy says:

    Hmmm – you’re not a million miles from Chapelcross (site of a decommissioned nuke plant) are you? Check if your parsnip has a radioactive glow maybe…

  2. disgruntled says:

    Paperboy – no signs of glowing yet. And it’s surprisingly parsnip shaped, after the last one
    Jo – it’s now 1.5 litres of soup, so we’re safe now

  3. WOL says:

    Yipes — what a whopper! — however, to be getting parsnips that big, you must be doing something right, gardening-wise.

  4. disgruntled says:

    Well, none came up at all last year

  5. WOL says:

    Doesn’t rain but it pours — !

  6. John Gibson says:

    Hmm, a very ominous development in my view.

  7. emma c says:

    Well, if that is where chitting parnsips gets you, I am giving that a try next spring! Smugness must abound.. 🙂

  8. disgruntled says:

    John – Lord knows what the rest of them are going to be like…
    Emma – be interesting to see how you get on. Is the world ready for more monster parsnips though?

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