Postman’s Knock

There were two exciting packages in amongst the junk mail this morning.
The first was from TfL, presenting me with the Keys to the City:

My Boris Bike Key

Or rather a key, my Boris bike key. Until this summer, I thought that my continued possession of an oyster card would be enough to mark me out from the tourist herd as at least an ex-Londoner, if no longer a fully-fledged citizen. But oyster schmoyster, I’m pretty sure all the really cool Londoners are zipping about on Boris bikes these days. I’ve been planning to use this scheme ever since it was announced. The last time I was down there the number of bikes was phenomenal and I felt pretty resentful at having to trudge around on foot, but my next visit will be different. Come Monday I’ll be zipping about on two wheels instead and I can’t wait, although I could wish that the map in the accompanying leaflet was a little more useful. I mean, I know the Superficial Cycle Highways and other routes have been slated by the bike blogging community but I didn’t think they were so bad that they wouldn’t bother to put them on a map that will be going out to any number of London cyclists. And I know cyclists are notorious scofflaws who like nothing better than to zip the wrong way up one-way streets, but they could at least mark them on the map so we know we’re about to break the law, no? Still, at least the key came in time – I only signed up on Sunday night. I could see nowhere on the TfL website where it told me how long it would take for the key to arrive so I was worried it wouldn’t make it before I left, but fellow twitterers reassured me the process was quick and I took the risk and it paid off. So yay!

And even more yay:

Home made bagels

A passing comment on a post about h****** led to an astoundingly generous offer from Karl of Do the Right Thing of some of his home-made bagels. Well, I wasn’t going to say no to that, was I? Sure enough a very fragrant parcel arrived, even more promptly than my bike key, and the contents were sliced*, toasted and promptly consumed for tea.

Going, going...

I just hope the Boris bike key proves a little longer lasting… I suspect it wouldn’t taste anything like as good though.


*Sadly, the holes weren’t big enough to do it like this


5 Responses to Postman’s Knock

  1. John Gibson says:

    They look very nice, I’ve never had bagels with currants in them.

  2. WOL says:

    I just had some bread, butter and Bon Maman cherry jam for my tea. Trade?

  3. disgruntled says:

    They were scrummy, and they’re gone.

  4. Aah, bless Karl!

    We should definitely have some kind of cake-sharing pyramid scheme. How would that work? Hmm…

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