We’re Going on a…

…bear hunt*, we’re going to catch a big one, it’s a beautiful day, we’re not scared…

Oh no!

It’s never a good sign when the path you thought you were following turns out to be a gully full of tumbleweed. But then again, it never fails to amaze me that they have actual tumbleweed here, and not just in a metaphorical sense.

We can’t go under it, we can’t go over it, looks like we’ve got to go through it.

Fortunately, it turns out that tumbleweed is easy enough to wade through and the gully rejoined the path and everything

Swishy-swoshy swishy-swhoshy swishy-swoshy swishy-swoshy

And we never did catch any bears.

In other news, if the weather forecast is anything to go by, it looks like the weather gods have figured out our whereabouts and are coming to get us, so enjoy these shots of blue skies and sunshine while stocks last.

*this one is for Ffion.

10 Responses to We’re Going on a…

  1. WOL says:

    Tumbleweeds shed seeds as they tumble. Consequently, they’re everywhere. It was very blustery today, usually a sign that the weather is changing, and something is blowing down the Plains from Canada. Our high was 81F, today! Our low is predicted to be 34F tonight with a high of only 49F tomorrow, when I have to get out in it. Snow/rain is predicted for Friday. I’ll believe it when I see it. Glad you are enjoying the weather in/and Colorado.

  2. Kim says:

    Och, you could have stayed at home and enjoyed the snow… 😉

  3. Dom says:

    The Weather Gods seem set to throw a right strop over here too. I think a lot of us are going to pay for your going into hiding 🙂

  4. disgruntled says:

    WOL – we’ve got snow forecast, but nothing like what they’ve had further north (other half’s family are originally from Minnesota)
    Kim – I think you east coasters are hogging it all
    Dom – I’d say I was sorry, but that would be a lie (-:

  5. John Gibson says:

    Swishy-swoshy swishy-swhoshy swishy-swoshy swishy-swoshy

    Once again you show your skill as a top writer.
    Good pitures

  6. disgruntled says:

    I can take no credit for that as it’s Michael Rosen’s…

  7. I am really, really glad you didn’t find a bear for that fatal photo opportunity. I walked the trails in Colorado and Wyoming with my ex as we sang rebel songs, talked stupidly loudly and tinkled a bell almost continuously. Well it was the time for cubs and the closest I got was to cross a grizzly’s very fresh tracks in the snow. Scary stuff. You’re brave….. I was going to say give my love to Colorado but it’s obvious from your posts that you already have, if you see what I mean. Have a lovely time.
    Sorry about long comment. Really bad at this.

  8. disgruntled says:

    There was also some interesting guidance at the nature centre on what to do if attacked by a mountain lion. ‘Fight back’ being the nub of it…

  9. Babymother says:

    Thanks for making Ffion famous. It really doesn’t get out of your head once lodged there does it?

  10. […] when the only obstacle on the bike path is tumbleweed (it still never fails to amaze me that tumbleweed actually exists. As do roadrunners, although I’ve never seen one) as opposed to parked cars, random temporary […]

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