Fingers Crossed

In less than 24 hours I shall be heading down to my appointment at Bigtown Infirmary’s A&E (I know, it seems a bit of a contradiction in terms to have an appointment at the Accident and Emergency, but that’s what they told me) for the grand finger unveiling to see whether my torn tendon has repaired itself or not. For six weeks I have been diligently wearing my splint night and day, except for when I have to take it off to clean my finger – taking great care not to bend it, as instructed – and then have the other half re-tape it up again. Fortunately for you lot, the broken camera means you haven’t been exposed to the  ever-so-slightly corpse-like aspect the finger has taken on after being under a plaster for six weeks but at least it’s shown no signs of dropping off yet.

So far, I’ve been very good about not having a tiny little go at bending it when the splint is off to see if it’s working or not, although the temptation grows with every day that passes. Tomorrow I’ll find out if all that self-denial has paid off. Either it won’t have worked at all, and I’ll be stuck with a bent finger for the rest of my life, or it will have worked brilliantly, or – most likely knowing my luck – it will have half repaired itself and the minute the doctor has a poke at it (given the medical fondness for jabbing at some injury saying ‘does it hurt when I do this?’), it will tear again and I’ll be stuck with the damn splint and another six weeks of dropping things.

Keep your fingers crossed it’s not the last option. I’d cross them myself, but I’m worried I might break something.


13 Responses to Fingers Crossed

  1. Jo says:

    Fingers, toes and legs crossed (but only because I need a wee).

  2. Dom says:

    I won’t cross my fingers just in case me bending mine has a detrimental effect on yours, but I shall wish you luck. Will you be cycling?

  3. disgruntled says:

    That was the plan although I went for a bit of a monster bike ride today – might have to see how the legs are tomorrow morning.

  4. Flighty says:

    Since I suffer with arthritis and trigger finger I’ll say good luck but won’t cross my fingers! xx

  5. disgruntled says:

    ouch! sorry to hear that.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I enjoyed the ad for the injury claim lawyer that Google inserted in this post. I hope they won’t be needed. Good luck with the appointment.

  7. disgruntled says:

    thanks. Got to love Google ads…

  8. The Paper Boy says:

    Knowing my luck I’d be stuck with a non-bending straight finger and it wouldn’t even be one of the most useful ones to have unbent…

    Hope it goes well and of course you’ll have no further excuses for laptop dropping or trypo (sic) errors…

  9. I hope it goes well. I have some permanent damage to my right hand. I cannot knit anymore, which on the whole has saved a lot of time. Still, I would rather have a fully functional hand, and I am sure you feel the same. good luck.

  10. WOL says:

    Wishing and Hoping for the best — that your tendon will have healed “good as new” — !

  11. emma c says:

    I am pressing my thumbs, as they do in Germany.. 🙂

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