How Very Different from the Home Life of our Own Dear Queen

As I believed I may have hinted on twitter, today is my birthday and the other half baked me a cake. A triple-layer chocolate Devil’s food cake with coffee icing, no less, and no candles because, well, there wasn’t room, such is my vast age.

Now normally, I pay a little more attention to the background and surroundings when taking my photos, but I only remembered I wanted to take a photo of the cake when we were about to eat it and it’s like hippos and water: you should really never get between the other half and a cake* so I had to take the picture quite quickly without removing all the background clutter and artfully placing the cake on a clear surface because that would have taken too long.

So here it is, the unexpurgated, annotated town mouse household as it really is. I really should get round to tidying up a little, one of these days.

I have one or two items of birthday swag which may serve to enhance this blog (and no, they didn’t include ‘100 interesting things to post on your blog instead of banging on about gardening and bikes all the time’. Sorry. Maybe next year). Details to follow.


*Not that he in any other way resembles a hippo, I hasten to add.


25 Responses to How Very Different from the Home Life of our Own Dear Queen

  1. cha0tic says:

    “You should really never get between the other half and a cake”

    Just ‘The other half’? Does it apply to any of the other people in the house?

    Happy Birthday! x x

  2. disgruntled says:

    No, I’m VERY abstemious. Really. I am. Half the cake is gone now, but that is nothing to do with me…

  3. Jo says:

    Happy birthday 🙂

  4. Flighty says:

    Happy birthday! xx

  5. HM the Queen says:

    Indeed it’s totally different, one has a leptop and an Aga.

    Heppy Barthday.

  6. EssGee says:

    Happy birthday! That cake looks fantastic.

  7. bikinginla says:

    Happy birthday! I look forward to another year of your always entertaining observations.

  8. Ragged Thread Cartographer says:

    Happy looking kitchen ! Happy Birthday ! x

  9. sebbie says:

    Happy birthday! (That cake looks fantastic, I’m practically drooling over my laptop, I wish my husband could bake …)

  10. Dom says:

    Happy Birthday. The cake looks great, although I’d question the use of coffee icing rather than chocolate. I think the other half should make one with a chocolate [which my iPhone tried to auto correct to cyclists] icing so you can compare and contrast 😀

  11. disgruntled says:

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, especially from your maj (although I would like to point out that vast as my age is, I’m not 100 yet).

    Regarding chocolate cake with coffee icing, that is the standard for birthday cakes in this household, after much experimentation with inferior combinations (although coffee cakes with chocolate icing come a close second).

  12. Babymother says:

    That cake was intended to feed HOW many people? And you have already eaten HOW much? Hmmm. No more joking about hippos, I think. By the way, you need to buy a stapler that isn’t the same colour as your table, and then you’ll find it. Happy birthday x

  13. disgruntled says:

    And how many miles have YOU cycled today, hmmm?

    What I want to know is, why the stapler was in the kitchen in the first place. Clearly we should do more actual cooking…

  14. rhona says:

    happy birthday!!!

  15. John Gibson says:

    Happy Birthday, the cake looks gorgeous, is your other half a chef?

  16. Andy in Germany says:

    Happy birthday. your desk looks like mine, or at least except for the cake. I’ll have to work on that.

  17. disgruntled says:

    Thanks all.

    That’s not my desk, exactly, it’s the kitchen table. Except that is my desk during the winter …

  18. Kirsten says:

    Awfully late to the party here, but Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoyed that gorgeous cake. Your other half is both thoughtful and talented.

  19. disgruntled says:

    he is, isn’t he?

  20. WOL says:

    Many more happy returns of the day! I’m glad this was an unstaged photo. A Rayburn looks nothing like I imagined it would. Very instructive. And besides, why bother putting candles on a cake? You just have to take them off again before you eat it. Such a waste of time. Have one large, all purpose candle in a candle holder off to the side to blow out for wishing purposes, one size fits all. If your OH makes cakes (and pies and bread and teacakes, etc.)as good as my dad did, then you are lucky indeed.

  21. disgruntled says:

    Thanks both

    WOL – intrigued – how did you imagine the Rayburn looking?

  22. emma c says:

    A belated ‘Hippy Bursday’, as they say here in Kraut! How lovely to have a Spring birthday AND a lovely cake-baking OH!

  23. disgruntled says:

    Thanks! Although the cake baking comes but once a year

  24. WOL says:

    I didn’t realize it was a stove for cooking on. I thought it was a heating stove.

  25. disgruntled says:

    It’s both. It’s always on, so it warms the kitchen and provides background heating to the rest of the house. It could heat our hot water too but that’s been disconnected.

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