Post Haste

Our post – like many other things around here – runs at a rather more leisurely pace than you might be used to in the city (see also: broadband). The postman arrives about mid-morning, unless he arrives around lunchtime or indeed mid-afternoon. The post box is emptied once a day, at eleven – well, eleven-ish – when the postie happens to be passing. On the plus side, we never ever get one of those ‘missed delivery’ cards (although we do occasionally find the odd amazon package lurking in a forgotten corner of the shed a few days later) but generally we don’t expect much in the way of urgency from our post. As far as I’m concerned, posting something is more of an excuse for a gentle saunter to the post box on a fine and sunny morning than a way of getting anything anywhere quickly.

Which is why we were startled to notice this morning, having strolled down to post off the payment for the oil bill, that someone had injected an unaccustomed note of urgency into the whole affair:

Next collection: NOW


3 Responses to Post Haste

  1. WOL says:

    We all have to have our mail boxes right at the kerb on a post at a specific height so the postperson can drive by in the little left hand drive microvan and put the mail into our boxes through the driver’s side window. If it’s too big for the box, the postperson usually comes and plongs on the doorbell and then hides it under the mat if no one answers.

  2. Dom says:

    Ah, I see your post office has been upgraded to include the most accurate clock known to man. It’s even maintains its accuracy in the photograph. Sadly correlating it’s display to the formats usually used is not easy, but it’s nice to see they trial new technology in the sticks as well as the big cities.

  3. disgruntled says:

    WOL – our post comes through our door, although I feel a bit sorry for the postie having to come up some of the really long tracks to various farms to deliver it
    Dom – Indeed. It still only gets collected once a day though…

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