Happiness is a Field of Grass

It’s been a long hard winter and the recent arrival of warmth and unseasonable sunshine has been greeted with a certain amount of caution in the Town Mouse household. Nobody wants to alert the weather gods to their mistake, but on the other hand, nobody wants to waste what may very well turn out to be our summer. For the last week it’s been absolutely glorious – something I can now reveal, as this morning we woke to fog, followed by drizzle.*

So it’s probably completely the wrong time to be posting this – the now traditional (well, I did it last year – much later in the season I note) annual celebration of the turning out of the cows after the confines of the winter. But you know what? I couldn’t resist.

(you can read the full story here)

Enjoy, and do a little happy cow hop at the end of winter (provisional, pending full analysis when May Be Out). And please do refrain if you can from telling me in the comments how HOT it is elsewhere and how you could do with some RAIN.


*Somebody recklessly washed the car. What was he thinking? Possibly he was worried I might plant something on it if he left it any longer…

8 Responses to Happiness is a Field of Grass

  1. WOL says:

    Thanks for a giggle. Actually, it’s not very hot here. Only 76F/24C with a nice 16 mph/25 kph breeze. But it’s 22% humidity. . . . I’d be afraid to wash my car — it’s 24 years old, and the dirt is probably the only thing holding it together. . .

  2. disgruntled says:


    That’s our summer, apart from the humidity. We’ve currently seeing about 70%

  3. Flighty says:

    I don’t blame them jumping for joy having spent so long indoors! xx

  4. disgruntled says:

    I know. It’s been a long winter for them too

  5. Dom says:

    After an absolutely gorgeous day yesterday I merely did a cursory look out of the window to ensure there was still sun before heading out today. To say I was dressed optimistically in my shorts, tshirt and sunglasses puts it mildly but then I didn’t realise that there was freezing fog rolling in from the sea. The weather gods, it would seem, are on form.

  6. Rachel says:

    Thank you for sharing that lovely video 🙂

    We’re the same here – how is it possible that we’re worrying about lack of rain on the garden when we’ve just moved to Wales, for goodness sake!

    Someone recklessly washed the car here, too. He has a new toy that allows him to use rainwater from the butt – I had to point out that my broad beans need that water.

  7. disgruntled says:

    Dom – hehe. We do have to remember it is still only April, sunshine or no
    Rachel – they probably won’t in Wales, tbh. Thanks for stopping by.

  8. chosenrebel says:

    Video was a great way to begin the morning even if our weather here in Chicago is more Aberdeen-like. Thanks.

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