Coffee, Cakes and Cycling

A bit of filler here (quite literally), but I have to flag it up. The world of cycling can be quite tribal, with the roadies not talking to the mountain bikers and the cycle-chicstas not talking to the lycra-clad ones – and that’s before we’ve even started on the H word. But there’s one thing that I think all cyclists can agree on and that’s the importance of cake. Whether you eat cake in order to cycle, or whether you cycle in order to make room for more cake, whether you’re a member or not of the CTC*, there’s no doubt that cake and bicycles are made for each other.

Which is why Patisserie Cyclisme fills such an important niche in the cycling blogosphere. Cafe reviews by cyclists and for cyclists – what’s not to like? With so much out there that divides us, it’s time to celebrate what it is that unites us. What better excuse can there be this ‘summer’ than to get out on your bike and find a cafe to review? And remember, (for those of us who care): cake (or bacon) fetched by bike has zero calories, as every schoolgirl knows.


13 Responses to Coffee, Cakes and Cycling

  1. Dom says:

    H word? You have to remember that in the world of cycling I fall into the ‘I have one buried in the shed’ camp so I’m not all up with the lingo like you cool kids are 🙂

  2. disgruntled says:

    I didn’t spell it out because I didn’t want to start a fight in the comments section, but it’s the thing (some) cyclists put on their heads.

  3. disgruntled says:

    Oh, and get the damn thing out of the shed and ride it …

  4. Ragged Thread says:

    Since I entirely agree with cake in all forms except possibly coffee (sorry to those who have sharp intake of breath at that) I can only add that lack of headgear elicits comments from my car passengers like “Ah, there goes an organ donor”. Trust me to lower the tone. And me a non-bicycler. Having recently split up (well 2 years ago) from partner who wore full lycra and H to go through the local woods, I still have no idea whether I would or no. Probably. Oh dear. I know you really wanted to talk about cake. x

  5. WOL says:

    I prefer cake sans cycling. Especially spice or carrot cake. With chocolate. Chocolate is a necessary condiment.

  6. Jo says:

    Mmmm. Cake.

  7. Dom says:

    Oh, one of those. That’s also in the shed. My problem is that my bike is a swish mountain bike with full suspension and no off-roady type places to ride on close by. If I try and ride on road I’m forever trying to keep up with cars so im not in the way which means I’m knackered in 3 minutes and ready to die. Still, I should ride it at least once this summer, if only to use the iPhone holder my wife got be fir Christmas which us currently unused and also in the shed :S

  8. disgruntled says:

    Dom – maybe these people can help you get a more suitable bike for the road?
    WOL – I like the whole guilt-free aspect of cycling+cake.
    Jo – zigackly. Hungry now
    RTC – I think you’ll find it was the car passengers that lowered the tone there.

  9. Ross says:

    Well, I have to say that I’m neither pro-cake nor anti-cake. I guess I fall into the pro-cake-choice category. I certainly don’t think cake-compulsion should be on the cards for cyclists. People should be allowed to cycle with or without cake, or even choose biscuits instead!


  10. John Gibson says:

    Fruit cake is the stuff I like, with tea.

  11. Flighty says:

    I no longer cycle but still enjoy cake! xx

  12. Dom says:

    You really are on a mission to get everyone cycling 😀

  13. disgruntled says:

    Dom – yup
    Flighty – fair enough
    John – I have to say, I like most cakes.
    Ross – Biscuits? Splitter!

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