And Now the Hard Work Begins

(photo via @estuarycyclist)

I woke up this morning at silly o’clock with the realisation that launching the Cycling Embassy (and you can read a proper account of it, with many lovely pictures plus one of me in my killer heels, over at I Bike London) was the easy part. Picnics, pretty postcards and balloons are all very well – but now we actually have work out how to reverse decades of transport policy and lack of investment and start a real cycling revolution in a country that mostly couldn’t care less about bikes and their riders. Ulp. All suggestions gratefully received…

But then, looking on the bright side , I did have a lovely time walking round the London Sky ride chatting to families and handing out our promotional postcards. When I talk – online or in person – to actual cycling activists I always find myself sidling around the subject a bit. Somehow it has managed to become contentious to be calling for decent dedicated cycle paths and I find myself being almost apologetic aboutthe fact that that is what we’re campaigning for. Yet, going round St. James’s Park I didn’t meet a single objection. To families who want to cycle safely – who are so keen to do so that they have dragged themselves and their bikes into Central London and are putting up with the relentless corporate jollity and bossiness of a Sky ride in order to do so – separated cycling infrastructure isn’t a contentious idea, it isn’t even a good idea, it’s just downright obvious. Of course that’s what we need. Of course.

So now all we have to do is make the politicians see that. Easy peasy. Right?

Back to civilisation – and gardening, cats and the weather – tomorrow

7 Responses to And Now the Hard Work Begins

  1. welshcyclist says:

    Tried to spot you in those photos, over at I Bike London, but couldn’t make out any killer heels, so you’ve remained Scarlet Pimpernel like. Cycling infrastructure, I’m all for, but countrywide it involves a massive investment, so it will remain patchy for a long time to come. Don’t talk to me about politicians, they’re all crooks and charlatans.

  2. disgruntled says:

    Killer is relative … just any heels will kill me!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Where are all the cars in that picture.

  4. disgruntled says:

    Not sure as I didn’t take the picture! the roads may have been closed already for the Sky Ride. It certainly wasn’t typical of London

  5. […] delight, not a hospital waiting room. The Cycling Embassy of Great Britain officially takes flight; now the hard work begins. Progress is slow on London’s cycling revolution. Potholes in Sheffield UK threaten that […]

  6. Jenny says:

    My sister and I are very much looking forward to cycling in London in October, having flown all the way from New Zealand to see the sights, and join Tallyho Cycles for a bit of a peddle. I’m sure hoping that there are plenty of safe places to go on two wheels.

  7. disgruntled says:

    Jenny – I’m sure they’ll take you on a safe route. I’ve seen bike tours heading down the South Bank which is completely traffic free, and there are all the parks. London has some great spots to cycle in if you know where they are! I hope you have a great time in London & it’s a shame I won’t be around to say hi…

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