Long Range Forecast

I can confidently predict (and not just because I heard it on the radio) that we’re in for a run of unseasonably warm and fine weather. Why? Because we’ve finally got the Rayburn serviced and relit. We’d have done it a couple of weeks ago when it was really miserable but Rayburn man was busy and this was the soonest he could come.

We could have left it switched off a little longer but it’s always better to make sure it’s working properly before you allow Rayburn Man off the premises, just to make sure it’s behaving. And besides, we thought we owed it to the rest of the country to ensure this fine spell lasted and so once more the kitchen is a warm and cosy place to be again…

… just in time to enjoy the little piece of the Netherlands I brought back with me (I couldn’t get a bike lane in my bag)

4 Responses to Long Range Forecast

  1. WOL says:

    Is that a mug the waffle wafer is sitting atop? I like the little round blue and white tin behind it. I love blue and white china and things. So glad to finally see the Rayburn in all its enameled glory. It was cooler (relatively speaking) and rainy here for all too short a time, but now we are back up in the low 90’s/30’s again. It’s about getting to the time of year that I can open the sliders on the glass doors and let the evening coolth in.

  2. disgruntled says:

    yes (should have turned it so you could see the handle) – the steam from the coffee is supposed to melt the syrup inside the waffle but I’m generally too impatient to wait long enough for it to really work.

  3. Andy in Germany says:

    I forget things like Stroopwaffeln aren’t available in the UK. We must import them by the tonne here. If only we could import bike infractructure with the same enthusiasm.
    If you let it melt too long the waffle sinks into the tea.

  4. disgruntled says:

    No fear of that – I’m too impatient to drink my coffee and eat my waffel. I probably could buy them here if I looked hard enough but I think they’re best as an occasional treat…

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