We may be having our indian summer – and it has been gloriously hot, yes, hot, today – but it is still September. And that meant we woke this morning to the thickest fog I’ve seen, thick enough that the other side of the yard was hazy and the other side of the road was non-existent.

Fortunately it soon burned off, leaving just this remnant behind, trapped in a spider’s web.

I’ve read that spiders eat their webs each morning to get the water from the dew, then spin them anew. I hope this one was feeling thirsty…

3 Responses to Captured

  1. Ragged Thread Cartographer says:

    I knew they could absorb their webs, as fast as they could spin them, and have seen it happen many times – but to drink the dew ? What a wonderful thought. You truly do learn something every day. Thank you!

  2. disgruntled says:

    You might want to check against a rather more authoritative source!

  3. Andy in Germany says:

    Wonder if spiders get the runs?

    Time for bed, methinks…

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