Lions and Tigers and Bikes, oh my

Cycling back from the papershop today we encountered a woolly rolling roadblock – a flock of sheep en route from one field to another with their shepherd (unusually on foot rather than a quad bike) and his dog. We were happy enough to slow down and follow for a while at sheep speed but the shepherd decided we’d be better off passing and sent his dog off on a complicated parting-of-the-waters manoeuvre, giving us a front row view of sheep herding skill – they should try that one on One Man and His Dog. Of course, it might have worked better if the sheep hadn’t then turned and seen not one but two of the scariest things in the world – cyclists – coming up behind them. Cue close quarter woolly panic as the sheep tried to decide what was worse: the dog ahead of them or the bikes behind them which lasted until the dog won and pushed them past us and we got away before we could cause any more trouble.

And of course, when sheep get scared they do what scared sheep do, which meant cycling through a hundred little puddles of sheep pee at top speed as we made our escape. Any of you who out there still not cycling with mudguards should think about that for a minute. Or make sure you pedal with your mouth shut, anyway…

8 Responses to Lions and Tigers and Bikes, oh my

  1. I encountered some sheep on a rather fun descent in Wales, the stupid little feckers had a habbit of sauntering right into my planned line to avoid them!

  2. disgruntled says:

    not the brightest creatures in the world, sheep. Make for quite a soft landing though

  3. Frits B says:

    Lions and tigers tend to aim their pee right at your face so give me sheep any time. You don’t go to a zoo much?

  4. John Gibson says:

    I wish I had your life.

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  6. emma c says:

    ha ha! what a lovely woolly tale.. but please elaborate, what makes cyclists so scary (apart from the lycra, obviously)? Shearly quad bikes are far scarier, no?

  7. disgruntled says:

    Frits – makes for a good cat/fox repellent, apparently … (tiger pee, not sheep)
    John – eek (and no mention of whether she was wearing a hard hat!)
    Emma – I have no idea. But sheep seem to flee, even if they’re safely in their fields, whenever they see me on my bike. It can’t be the lycra cos I never wear any

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