Discretion, the Better Part of Valour

We’ve been in Duns, freak weather capital of the UK (currently mild, sunny and pleasant – I told you it was odd) and the other half popped down to the Co-op to pick up a few things for lunch. With just three things in his basket, he headed for the tobacco kiosk to pay and realised that a sweet little old lady had plotted an interception course on the same destination with her laden trolley. Being a gent, rather than speeding up and nipping in front of her, he gestured to her to offer her first spot in the queue.

‘Oh no that’s all right, you go first,’ she said sweetly. ‘I’ll just come and beat you up later.’

As the other half was looking remarkably unscathed as he told this story I asked him how he got away.

‘Oh I waited until I’d paid for my shopping,’ he said. ‘And then said I’d see her outside. But I legged it before she’d finished paying.’

I think on the whole, that was sensible. Those Duns little old ladies pack a serious punch.

Back to inspect the ford tomorrow.

5 Responses to Discretion, the Better Part of Valour

  1. Bob says:

    Is that like, “I’ll knock you up in the morning?”

  2. Autolycus says:

    There’s a romcom in there, just waiting to be written.

    Or a murder mystery.

  3. yes lols around here are not to be taken too lightly

  4. John Gibson says:

    when I read that I thought it must be an old scots saying.

  5. disgruntled says:

    we’ve been here before with the sweet little old ladies, of course

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