New Year Resolution

Are you calling me fat?

Not ours, but the cat’s. She doesn’t realise it yet, but she’s resolved to eat less and exercise more this year after the landlord pointed out that she was getting a bit tubby under her winter coat and put her on reduced rations. The problem is not so much that she’s eating too much but that with the weather being so miserable – and the sofa so comfortable – she’s barely going out at all. She’s not exactly obese, but there’s definitely a bit more cat there than there should be, especially when she lands on your head in the middle of the night. Her diet was fine for a cat that was happy to spend whole nights out marauding but not really for one who spends them curled up asleep storing up the energy to spend the whole day curled up in front of the fire. So action needed to be taken. We’re not mean enough to chuck her out in the rain all night (although she’s still learning about the kitchen counters the hard way) but, following the advice of this page, we’re trying to get her moving about a bit more. Her legs are too short to cycle, unfortunately, so we’ve got her a couple of ping pong balls which appear to be a hit so far. I’m not sure if the cat’s enjoying them (I think she’s just killing them) but it’s certainly amusing us.

Of course, turnabout is fair play, so we’ve taken action on one of our own long-standing resolutions as well. Nothing so complicated as eating less and exercising more (maybe someone could buy me a fun indoor bicycle toy for when it’s raining?) – but we have finally organised our spice rack*

They’re not in alphabetical order, because that would be absurd. Well, not yet, anyway.
* and not before time. After extensive discussion, sniffing and tasting of some of the unlabelled mystery substances at the back, I’ve a sneaking feeling that the secret special ingredient in my spicy Christmas biscuits this year might in fact have been Garam Masala.


11 Responses to New Year Resolution

  1. sebbie67sebbie says:

    Ahem, my herbs and spices are alphabetical. Blushes and wanders off nonchalantly.

  2. disgruntled says:

    you’ve not got a spreadsheet for them have you?

  3. Ha ha, what a handsome cat, You can’t blame a cat for not going out, it is truly dreadful here to night, lashing with rain. Do you have a spreadsheet for those spices? Just asking 🙂

  4. disgruntled says:

    Actually, I’ve just remembered I planted my herb garden once in alphabetical order …

  5. sebbie67 says:

    No spreadsheet, but a plan for an alphabetical herb patch has taken root 🙂

  6. Flighty says:

    Goodness you could be writing about me when you mention eating too much, barely going out and the sofa being so comfortable!
    Still it hopefully won’t be too long before I start digging, planting, sowing, watering and weeding again! xx
    Incidentally does the cat have a name? I ask as I don’t recollect it being mentioned.

  7. disgruntled says:

    UHDD – no spreadsheet, but we do refill the jars so could use something to keep track of the sell by dates…
    Flighty – I think the cat is speaking for us all at the moment. Her name is ‘Compo’ – it’s a long story

  8. commuterjohn says:

    Christmas is the time for over indulging, so looking after next doors cat meant letting him a bit more than normal as he does have a strict diet – his owner is a vet!

  9. commuterjohn, ‘the cobblers child is worst shod’ so the vets cat probably sups on cream

  10. […] became a proper cyclist, lost my mobile phone (oh, okay, that’s not very surprising) and organised our spice rack (amazingly, it’s still organised too). In Feburary the bike got to go back to its home […]

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