It’s Good to Share

One of the downsides of following a lot of cyclists on twitter is that suddenly you’re alerted to a world out there of near misses and non-misses, bad driving, threatening behaviour and downright assault. In the last couple of days alone I heard of people I ‘knew’ – some of whom I’ve even met – being knocked off their bikes or just getting harassed in one way or another. It’s distressing to read about and brings home just how much unpleasantness there can be on the roads. Perhaps it’s good for me to be reminded that cycling is not all hello trees, hello clouds but actually an urban war zone for some people. But then again, perhaps a bit of a corrective is needed, if only for the benefit of Bigtownshire’s tourist board (Motto: shh! Nobody knows we’re here).

I don’t tweet on the bike due to a severe lack of co-ordination, working phone and G3 (indeed any) signal, but if I did, my ride yesterday might have looked like this:

Neighbour just about to pull out of gate, saw me coming, waited even though I gave her room to leave. Big smile and wave on both sides

Car hanging well back and patiently waiting for an opportunity to pass… especially noble given I was going uphill and into a headwind

Oops hadn’t noticed that tiny van behind me cos it was hanging well back while I crawled up the hill. Stopped to let him pass at the top. Sorry driver!

Two dog walkers leaping out of my way. No need, but thanks for keeping rover on his lead…

And today? Today, I hardly encountered anybody on the road at all except my shadow (and boy was I grateful to see that after the weather we’ve had. I was beginning to think I’d lost it) and two kids out for a little pootle along the empty roads.

It’s good to share, especially when people share nicely … but it’s even better to have the road all to yourself.

4 Responses to It’s Good to Share

  1. Bob says:

    Being a little bit of a hot head, I’ve only scraped a couple too close car doors and once cussed out some old girl who thought she might commit some sort of suicide by opening her passenger door in front of me. Funny how one can suddenly curse in a foreign tongue when pressed.
    Reminds me of a time when one of my (former) brothers-in-law was cut off while riding his motorcycle,(yet another two wheeled vehicle that gets around mysteriously unseen) at which point he proceeded to follow this person to their home, wait for them to pull in their drive, and not so politely asked just why they had tried to kill him? He had the sort of temperament and physical ability that clearing put him in that category of “not to be messed with”.
    The offending car driver was profusely apologetic it turns out. Probably for the best, since someone would have made a hospital visit, while the other would have no doubt spent some time dealing with the authorities.

  2. RogerW says:

    Hey, something from a cyclist that I’ve actually enjoyed reading.

    Thank you. I think that’s the way cycling is supposed to be

  3. disgruntled says:

    Roger – thanks, wish it was like that all the time
    Bob – I’m trying to keep the confrontation levels down. Life’s so much more pleasant that way …

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