Here be Phantoms

‘They’ve repaired that nasty pothole at least’ my neighbour remarked as she gave me a lift home from choir last week. To be honest ‘that nasty pothole’ doesn’t really narrow it down that much as after two icy winters and a year of rain our road is more pothole than anything else, but I knew the one she meant: a deep little bugger lurking just as you come round the bend from the bridge outside the village, just ready to catch the unwary wheel of a car (or a bike). It’s been filled in to the usual man-with-a-bucket-of-tarmac standards, but it has at least been filled, along with a few others on the road – signs that the year-end-spend frenzy might be upon us.

Still, filled or not, I still find as I come round that bend on my way back from the papershop that I swing wide to avoid it, or the place where it used to be. The pothole has gone but its music linger on, so ingrained is it in my muscle memory to take that corner as if it were there. The question now is which will come sooner: my finally learning I don’t need to avoid it, or the return of the pothole as the crappy patch wears away again.

Actually, don’t bother to answer that – I think we can all make an educated guess…


3 Responses to Here be Phantoms

  1. Andy in Germany says:

    On some of our cycleways there are now so many potholes my son and I have a scoring system to see how many we hit on a journey.

    We don’t count the first as we know we’ll inevitably hit one

  2. commuterjohn says:

    They have just resurfaced the road outside my work place which must be 750 mtrs long.
    I could not help but think that is an awful lot of cycle path there!

  3. disgruntled says:

    Andy – I suppose with your bakfiets you’ve little chance of seeing them
    John – indeed

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