Where Chairs are Nervous

As the cold weather dribbles on and the oil prices seek ever greater heights, our quest for a source of seasoned wood that can keep up with the rate at which we burn it continues. Recently, the other half noticed that one of the secondary chopping blocks (which live inside the woodshed for use when chopping wood in the p*ssing rain) was beginning to come apart, so it has been cannibalised for use in the woodburner. While this has been a lovely reminder of how beautifully wood burns when it’s had time to season properly, it also feels as if it’s steering uncomfortably close to chopping up the furniture for firewood.

But then again, how many chairs do two not particularly sociable people really need?

4 Responses to Where Chairs are Nervous

  1. commuterjohn says:

    4 chairs, 2 to sit on and 2 to put your feet on!

  2. Ragged Thread Cartographer says:

    Love the title! and the post, obv. (Mahoosive hail storm here in Derbyshire at 1630 followed by half an hour of snow – heard SW Scotland still having plenty of snow last couple of days.)
    Anyway, a certain single person not inches away from this desk had 12 chairs at one point, and they survived the winter unscathed due to the farmers round about who donated their old FENCEPOSTS ! Go to it, girl. On your bike round the farms. x

  3. disgruntled says:

    John – that seems about right…
    RTC – ah yes, fenceposts, they do burn brilliantly.

  4. emma c says:

    Ah, poor chairs. Have similar knotty issues .. We have a friendly handiman who is happy to give us all his woody offcuts. It gets us through a day or so. Can you chat up some of your locals?

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