Make Do and Mend

The problem with knitting your own socks, is you feel compelled to darn them too:

Clearly alpaca, while lovely and soft and warm, is not particularly hard wearing. My darning skills are about as effective as the council’s pothole mending ones but I’m hoping this way I can make them last long enough for me to knit the next pair.

And talking of potholes, look:

After two years when we’ve had nothing but road patching, last year’s mild winter has clearly left enough in the budget to put in some shiny new road! This stretch used to include a shocking section which was actually dangerous because it left you with a choice between swerving right across the road or risking coming off on what was basically loose scree. The other stretch they did wasn’t quite as bad – in fact I can’t really remember it being that bad at all, although I suspect my tolerance for potholes is quite high as I’m mostly able to go around them.

In the four years we’ve been up here, they’ve managed to do three sets of resurfacing on the Papershop village road, each amounting to about half a mile. So at the present rate of progress, they should have completely resurfaced it in, oh about another eight years.

By which time, if the last lot of shiny new road is anything to go by it should be time to start again:

It’s just like knitting socks, when you think about it.

6 Responses to Make Do and Mend

  1. SRD says:

    wow. what even stitches… you offer lessons?

  2. disgruntled says:

    darning or knitting? I’m a painfully slow knitter…

  3. I’m being silly of course, but have you considered stuffing the potholes with your old unmendable socks? It’s a short term solution.

  4. R::B says:

    I have recently been researching sock-making on a wooden frame or loom. Actually, “researching” is perhaps too strong a word…perhaps “pondering”. First, I think I may need to catch a sheep.
    Happy birthday and many, many happy returns…

  5. Andy in Germany says:

    I guess that now the Forth Bridge is finished the councils need other projects too keep them occupied.

  6. disgruntled says:

    Jenny – it may well be more effective than their current approach.
    R::B – you know, you can buy wool in shops. Also socks, come to think of it…
    Andy – different council, I think

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