Fun Fun Fun till Daddy Takes the Brompton Away

One of the many reasons why a Brompton is brilliant (she says, now she’s got one … did I mention I had a new Brompton at all?) is you need never be without a bike because you can take it with you almost anywhere. So if you are, to pluck an example at random, stuck in a tin box on wheels on a gloriously sunny day, going over the top of a long climb with a two mile downhill stretch towards the nearest cafe – and you have an understanding companion (who in fact insists on you doing it) – there’s nothing to stop you from getting the Brompton out of the boot and pedalling downhill as fast as your little wheels will take you. I can confirm that this is as much of a white-knuckle ride as it sounds, even with your other half driving behind you to keep the timber lorries at bay. Fortunately the road had been recently resurfaced so there were no pot holes. I only topped 20 mph, apparently, although I have to say it felt a lot faster (and WOL was right – you do have to stop grinning on the way down because trying to hack up a fly at 20mph on a Brompton is quite tricky). There was a guy ahead of us in his convertible, living the car advert dream: empty windy road, top down, wind playing lightly over his sunburnt bald head, but I bet you that pound for pound, I was getting more fun out of my ride. AND I still have all my hair.

The idea was to pull up nonchalantly at the cafe just as all the club cyclists who had sweated up the road the hard way from Selkirk stopped in for restorative bacon rolls. This would have worked better had the cafe actually been open, of course. But at least I’d had my fill of bugs on the way down…

The OTHER reason for having a Brompton is that you feel like a proper grown-up cycling campaigner (the kind that goes on the radio to talk about their campaign). Although that’s using ‘grown up’ in its loosest possible sense…


8 Responses to Fun Fun Fun till Daddy Takes the Brompton Away

  1. John Gibson says:

    Is this the future then, driving up hills, and riding down, sounds like great fun.
    On a more somber note, I live just off this road.

  2. Nick says:

    You’re a braver person than I am; those wheels look just toooo small for me ever to contemplate indulging in that kind of bare-knuckle riding on one of those things. But I’m glad you’re enjoying it (whilke you live)..

  3. Andy in Germany says:

    I like the idea of having a car to escort me: could we make that an alternative to cycle infrastructure when the government claims it’s “Too expensive” or that “There’s not enough space”?

  4. Bob says:

    I suspect there will be many many more Brompton stories forthcoming. Just don’t come off the thing is all.

  5. disgruntled says:

    I’ll try to stay on! It does feel a lot less stable than my other bike…

    I believe the PM already had a policy of support vehicles behind cyclists, so Andy might be onto something there

  6. […] transport easily is just to scratch the surface of the many uses of a nifty wee bike. Apart from extreme downhilling, my Brompton has so far been used […]

  7. […] properly lit up. In March we got a cute new neighbour not to mention a cute new bike and I took up extreme Bromptoneering. In April I helped organise a wee demo (and did I mention we’re doing it again?). In May we […]

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