Hurry Up Swallows

The swallows should be due back any time soon – probably as soon as the wind switches away from the north and back to our prevailing south-westerlies. We’ve got the door to the swallow shed closed up so the cat can’t get in and we’ll be building up the anti-cat defences on the windows too so she doesn’t snag herself a baby one as they emerge for their first flight. So now all we can do is wait and keep an ear out for the first twittering as they arrive and aim their first returning poo on the roof of our car.

Poo or no poo, they can’t come soon enough, frankly. I was cycling into Bigtown this afternoon when I rounded a corner that passed under a tree and through a cloud of insects so dense it felt as if someone had flung a bucket of bugs right in my face. Given that yesterday the wind was flinging needle-sharp hail in my face, I can’t help but feel I’m getting the worst of both worlds…


Look out world .. the bugs are joining in now


7 Responses to Hurry Up Swallows

  1. 21st of April… that will be the day. Cats and swallows, of dear, it is all a bit emotional for us today.

  2. make that ‘oh dear’

  3. disgruntled says:

    oh nos – sorry to hear that

  4. In French, a swallow is a hirondelle.

  5. WOL says:

    The cliff swallows we have here go for the undersides of overpasses, seeing as how the flatlands is kinda short on cliffs. . . .

  6. welshcyclist says:

    I’m amazed the insects are surviving these extremes of temperature, we’ve been going through lately. Hopefully, there will be plenty when the swallows do arrive.

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