101 Uses for a Brompton

Look, I wanted the Brompton because it would be handy for cycle campaigning – particularly taking my bike up to Edinburgh to Pedal on Parliament (oh and if you haven’t signed our petition yet can you do so? You don’t *have* to be Scottish or live in Scotland, but it helsp if you’re Scottish enough that you can claim a tartan which, according to the shops that make a fine living selling Japanese tourists kilts, is basically everyone if you go back far enough) – and for cutting my oyster expenditure when I’m down in London and other such sound practical reasons. Ahem. Honestly. And no doubt soon I shall actually use my Brompton for that, but taking it on public transport easily is just to scratch the surface of the many uses of a nifty wee bike. Apart from extreme downhilling, my Brompton has so far been used for:

  • distributing invitations to council candidates. The other half was driving into town anyway, so it seemed sensible to bung the Brompton in the boot and use it to zip around town without having to tackle the horizontal snow flurries that were developing that day.
  • taking it down to choir when I knew there was going to be a nasty headwind on the way back and then scrounging a lift home. (‘I really don’t think even a folding bike’s going to fit in the … oh my that does fold up small, doesn’t it?’)
  • taking it down to the senior citizen club’s Saturday Soup ‘n’ Sweet lunch in the village and giving folks a go between the sweet and the raffle. The best bit being when the ‘proper’ cyclists came through all lycra’d up on some fast ride and got stuck behind a chap in polished brogues and a tie on a Brompton. Sadly he had my camera in the basket so I didn’t get a picture…
  • folding it and showing people how small it folds and then unfolding it and then folding it and then …

Actually, this last bit is probably the best bit of all at the moment. I expect it will wear off eventually…


6 Responses to 101 Uses for a Brompton

  1. The Brompton is the PERFECT bike for trips to the pub:

    o You don’t need to worry about it being outside
    o People will always want to talk about it. Some will buy you a drink in return for a demonstration of the fold.
    o It’s the prefect way to assess whether or not you’re sober enough to ride home. If you can unfold it, you’re good to go. If not, just unfold the handlebars and tow it behind you as you weave your way up the street.

    • Kim says:

      Sober enough to ride home? Has that ever been known to be a problem? If you can get on the bike then you are sober enough to ride home…

      Never failed yet, alsways got home.

      • disgruntled says:

        heh. Thinking back there were definitely some occasions in my student days when it was just pure luck that my bike got me home from a night out …

  2. disgruntled says:

    Actually, that was the *first* use someone suggested here – except rural style: drive to the pub with the Brompton in the boot, cycle home, pick up the car the next day.

  3. Bob says:

    *sigh* I think I have Brompton envy.

  4. disgruntled says:

    If you mention it often enough, you never know, the Brompton fairy might visit you too!

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