How does my Garden Grow?

well … with a few notable exceptions, not that badly amazingly

the garden in July

The exceptions being the French beans again. Possibly the clue is in the name: if they wanted to grow in a damp grey cool climate they’d be called Scottish beans. It’s a bit odd because the first time I tried to grow them they were fine – we had climbing beans and dwarf beans coming out of our ears, and some of them even won prizes. Since then? Nada. Last year the dwarf beans came up stunted and then just died and the climbing beans climbed, eventually, but barely flowered and completely failed to bean. This year I think I’ve got three climbers left (two of which, naturally, are trying to climb up the same pole) and while the dwarf beans are looking a bit less peaky than last year, they aren’t looking particularly good. Any suggestions (I’m already feeding them coffee) gratefully received

Still, you know that beetroot you can see in the background, happily growing in the middle of the path?

It was delicious.*

*adjusted for being beetroot


7 Responses to How does my Garden Grow?

  1. Anonymous says:

    our beans (dwarf, french) are also hopeless this year – and I’ve always seen them as pretty fail-safe. Good mangetout and salad leaves though. And celtuce – celery flavoured leaves – we should be eating that every day. And there were plenty of raspberries, but they are next to the bike shed, so I think John been eating them as post breakfast and pre dinner snacks.

  2. disgruntled says:

    yes, salad leaves are doing well, and my spring onions are bigger than my leeks!

  3. I love this post your garden is gorgeous, I am an expiring gardener I would love if you could check out my blog and leave some tips about how to help my garden survive!

  4. Andy in Germany says:

    It’s comforting to know I’m not the only one having trouble with French Beans: they’re noticably rubbish in the Very Smallholding this year despite everything else growing well. Some have been eaten by mice, two were dug up by something and one just fell over and died on me.

  5. emma c says:

    Ach, I don’t bother with french beans. I know what you mean with the runner beans all heading up the one pole. I have given up trying to re-direct them, just end up snapping the tops off the tender blighters! It’s not too late to plant a new lot though. Up to july apparently, I recently read on my seed packet. We mustn’t give up hope.. Well done on the beetroot front. I am envious 🙂

  6. John Gibson says:

    I can’t find runner beans anywhere, and my wife loves a chutney that is made from them, but which we have not seen about lately.

  7. disgruntled says:

    The French beans are all in mourning for their hopes of a French Tour de France winner, I suppose…

    @John, if you want runners you’re going to have to grow them yourself!

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