Stars in their Eyes

So last night, it being a fine one, I wandered out last thing to enjoy our starry skies. No sooner had I sat on the bench when I just happened to see a bright moving object, and remembered that the International Space Station was due to pass overhead. I rushed in to fetch my binoculars and, with just enough time to focus on it, was able to see that with 8-times magnification it looks exactly like a slightly larger bright fast moving object, only more fuzzy.

But never mind that, for as we sat on the bench looking upwards we both saw an even faster, brighter object, a shooting star, one of the Perseids, which I’d also sort of forgotten about. We sat entranced and waited for another and though none came it was enough to have had that one flashing across the sky – and with special bonus astronomy points for happening before my bedtime.

It’s odd because I remember being a bit underwhelmed last time we went out in search of Perseids but looking back at what I wrote then I see that they were just as bright and as swift as last night’s and there were more of them. Perhaps they’re something best just stumbled across rather than sought out, like all faintly magical things. So I won’t ruin it all for you by telling you when the next ISS pass is* or the next meteor shower** – but you might want to nip outside, look up, and see what you can see.

*in about 20 minutes – I was going to post this earlier but got a bit absorbed by the diving. Sorry

** right now according to the other half…

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