It’s About Time

Like most people – despite the whole quitting work and moving out to the country thing – I still don’t seem to have enough time to do everything I want to do. So in a bid to make more of the stuff I thought I’d rearrange my morning a bit. My normal routine has been to do an hour of writing first thing (well, first thingish) but by the time I’ve done that, and then switched on the internet and responded to emails and whatever else the internet’s thrown at me, had a mid-morning coffee and then gone for the paper the morning has just gone. It struck me that if I could go for the paper first thing, not only would I have the paper to read with my coffee, but I might have a bit more uninterrupted time in the morning, which tends to be more productive than after lunch. Plus we’ve noticed that the days often dawn fine, and only start raining later on so the ride might not get rained off so often. Anyway, it was worth a shot so, being a creature of habit, I ruminated on this idea for some weeks without doing anything about it until today when we got up earlier than usual and it seemed an opportune moment to try it. I realised that if I hurried and didn’t get distracted looking for my hairbrush and reading stray bits of the Economist, I could be down and back before I normally started work – the paper fetched AND the best of the day enjoyed. Even after I’d found my hairbrush and read a suddenly fascinating article on the breakup of the Euro I still would be ahead – and it still hadn’t started raining yet, so off I set.

As to whether it worked or not, the jury is still out. It turned out that the earlier time meant encountering someone in the village, which meant stopping to chat about our respective vegetable gardens and prospects for the village show. And then I had to update Papershop Lady with the latest buzzard situation as it has apparently been harassing other people and even made its way into the local paper. Plus, crucially, although it hadn’t started raining when I set off, that only meant I was out in it when it did start raining, rather hard. Factor in changing clothes when I got back and I don’t think my early start really saved me much time at all. And what time I did save got effortlessly sucked away by the internet once I’d switched it on. I think it may be that, rather than the ride down for the paper, that’s the real problem, but I’m not really ready to go internetless just yet

I shall persist with the early start, however. I quite like the idea of getting onto the bike first thing, to clear my head and start the day off right. I should probably throw in an extra ride at the end of the day just to mark the fact that the working day is over and to change gears before relaxing at home … hmm, what does that remind me of?


5 Responses to It’s About Time

  1. Bob says:

    Speaking of the break up of the Euro, I read in the local rag this morning that a third of the Austrians want to go back to the Schilling. Not sure what they think that’s going to accomplish.
    Silly buggers.

  2. disgruntled says:

    Over here they’re seriously debating leaving the EU…

  3. John Gibson says:

    I cannot do anything without a gallon of tea inside me.

  4. disgruntled says:

    Kim – I’m seriously relying on the fact that every hour cycled gives you and extra hour of life.

    John – I should clarify: none of this takes place before I’ve had my coffee

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