Sliding Block Puzzle

It’s not just my mornings I’ve been rearranging – the veg patch has reached the point where it’s time to start moving things around as the winter crops start to grow out of their seed bed spaces. The first early potatoes are all* dug (and the second earlies are looking a little sorry for themselves … I hope that’s just them having done their stuff and not something more sinister).

Time to move the purple sprouting broccoli to their winter quarters (er, well past time, come to think of it)

I am currently testing to destruction my theory that it’s not actually possible to kill off an entire crop of purple sprouting, however hard you try. So far, caterpillars, slugs, cruel winters and benign neglect have not yet seen them off entirely and we’ve always managed to get something. This year I seem to be trying both caterpillars and benign neglect, as the summer has finally cheered up enough to let the cabbage whites do their stuff. Quite a few caterpillars got premature flying lessons as I moved the plants, I’m afraid

And now it’s time (er, also well past time) to move the leeks to where the broccoli was. A gardener’s work is truly never done.

* and by ‘all’, I mean that I will undoubtedly be hoicking at least a dinner’s worth of stray potatoes out of that bed come spring, despite having dug it over three times


3 Responses to Sliding Block Puzzle

  1. emma c says:

    Well, you are ahead of me.. my PSBroccolis are still in their seedtray, and not yet outgrown the space yet. Am quite excited because they germinated so easily! It is a suspiciously good start to my first attempt..

  2. disgruntled says:

    I think I should have started them later. You may have the right idea

  3. […] sprouting broccoli, which over the years has survived caterpillar attack, frozen winters, and variations on the ‘user error’ theme and still managed to give us some welcome veg come the spring. Rabbit attack might be different […]

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