Hold onto your Hollyhocks*

Looks like there’s been some raining done while we were away. Sigh. One day I will stake up my taller perennials *before* they fall over. See also, broad beans

*our neighbour was tickled to discover that there were such a thing as hollyhocks and that they were growing in our garden. Apparently he’d only ever heard of them in relation to this phrase. Goodness knows what it was he’s been holding onto all these years…


5 Responses to Hold onto your Hollyhocks*

  1. Nick says:

    My dear, we all hold on to what we can, hollyhocks or whatever – simple as that.

  2. John Gibson says:

    That is a very lovely picture, thank you for that.

  3. […] the hollyhocks still shooting upwards – or in some cases, having not quite recovered from the summer’s rain, sideways – I didn’t really have the […]

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