An Awfully Small Adventure, Comparatively Speaking

Many moons ago – many, many, many, many moons – a friend and I set off on a huge adventure, travelling round the United States on an unlimited Amtrak pass. Over the summer of 1988 we more or less circumnavigated the country on glorious double decker trains, through awesome scenery, gathering memories (but not apparently taking many photos), including a train which was more than 24 hours late (take that, Silverlink), a tour of every two-story building in a town in New Mexico (we made the local paper too) and a poker school which started up as the train pulled out of San Francisco and was cashing up as we pulled into Chicago around two days later. We were young enough to sleep where we could (oh to have a neck that forgiving) and foolish enough to think it would all work out fine and just savvy enough that it did, although we had to dodge the attentions of the creepy guy in the hostel at the Grand Canyon who let us share his room when everywhere else was booked solid. This was before the internet and mobile phones and everything was arranged by letter or ringing up, and astoundingly we made every connection and caught every train and made it home safely albeit not technically talking to each other for about a year and a half afterwards. If you’ve ever travelled with me, you’ll understand why.

Compared with that, five days by train, bus, ferry, and coach around the West Highlands and islands with each other and her son, my godson, who is, to complicate matters a tiny bit, autistic, should be a doddle, right? I mean, what – apart from everything – could possibly go wrong?

I’ll let you know next week, on my return.

6 Responses to An Awfully Small Adventure, Comparatively Speaking

  1. commuterjohn says:

    It will all be fine……well you will laugh about it afterwards anyway!

  2. Jane says:

    you’ll have a great time. If not that week,then dining out on it afterwards. Hopefully the trains will keep your godson happy so it’s only you two ladies and your friendship survived last time, riight?

  3. disgruntled says:

    yeah just got to survive first! It will be fine…

  4. Bob says:

    Only a week. Should be a snap. We spent three weeks with my wife’s nephew (well, he’s mine too by marriage, but really?) who has Asbergers. This would fall under the category of “slightly autistic” I’m thinking.
    He had a grand time. We decided (well, we really knew ahead of time) that we’d only ever do that once. All of her relations thought we were nuts.
    Just about ended up that way. He’s 29 going on 7.
    Good luck.

  5. John Gibson says:

    There’s a book in there somewhere, about your American trip.
    I got the train from New York to Boston a good few years ago,but it was on a Sunday. I was looking forward to speaking to people on the train, but it was empty. I got off at the first stop, and took a taxi to JFK, it cost me $100.

  6. Flighty says:

    Enjoy and have fun! xx

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