Reaping What I Sow

This being September, the garden should all be about mellow fruitfulness, and gathering in the harvest but *ahem*, after a busy few weeks, instead it’s all looking a bit neglected.

The sweetcorn have finally flowered but they have combined that with falling over so I’m not hopeful that we’ll be seeing any crop this year. Also the other half has inquired only semi-sarcastically if it’s some kind of a dwarf variety seeing as other people’s sweetcorn is over their heads. What can I say? I have no patience with a wind-pollinated crop that falls over at the slightest hint of a breeze.

The kale on the other hand is growing great guns. We have curly kale and cavolo nero. Looking at this picture, I realise we have quite a lot of it. It may be a bit late now to be asking for your delicious kale recipes…

But look! We also have gem squash – quite a few of them. No need to ask for delicious recipes for these, just fill em with butter and salt and pepper and roast them. Yum. Just have to hope they ripen before the first frost…


4 Responses to Reaping What I Sow

  1. Kale is good in risotto, just add for the last five minutes, goes well with chorizo or bacon…

  2. John Gibson says:

    That squash looks good, and the recipe sounds tasty.

  3. disgruntled says:

    Kim – everything’s delicious with bacon, in my experience…
    Flighty – cheers, will have a look
    John – thanks, it’s got a little way to go yet

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